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  1. 351c1971

    351c 2v 4 bbl intake options

    I have the same setup. I added the quick change vacuum secondary spring kit to fine tune the secondary operation.
  2. 351c1971

    Front speaker

    I agree. The difference is in the quality of the speakers. The watt rating should be considered based on the radio output.
  3. 351c1971

    Front speaker

    Check out NPD.
  4. 351c1971

    351c Build Ideas And Advice

    If I remember correctly, Jack Roush did a buildup of a Street Boss 302 with stock 2v Cleveland heads. So what’s not to like about a stock head with 2.02 “ intake valves?
  5. 351c1971

    351c Build Ideas And Advice

    IMHO, the 2v heads are fine on the street if you keep the stock compression and ignition timing. Mine runs fine with regular gas and a 600 CFM 4v Holley carb. Maximum advance is 36 degrees.
  6. 351c1971

    351c Build Ideas And Advice

    In general the captive mounts are designed to hold the motor if the plastic or rubber insulator fails. The OEM mounts can split and allow the motor to move. This is a safety issue. The 73 OEM motor mounts were changed to address this safety concern. With the Prothane mounts, the 2v exhaust...
  7. 351c1971

    351c Build Ideas And Advice

    BTW, the Prothane captive 351 motor mounts do fit the 2v heads and exhaust manifolds (not 4v). They are a good safety feature and I have them on my 351c-2v.
  8. 351c1971

    351c Build Ideas And Advice

    My recommendation would be to use a wide ratio 4 speed top loader trans with the 3.25 rear.
  9. 351c1971

    Exhaust for Staggered Shocks

    Also consider verifying that they will work with the stock and/or aftermarket rear sway bar. It’s very busy in the rear with the dual tailpipes, shocks and stock sway bar.
  10. 351c1971

    Why our cars get bad fuel milage

    You should be tracking smiles per mile instead of MPG. I have no idea how many miles per gallon my Mach1 gets. However, there are plenty of smiles per mile.
  11. 351c1971

    HF New Jack Stands

    Good news, bad news: HF currently only has pads for the 3Ton Jack Stands. However, if you saved your OLD black 3Ton pads, they DO fit the new 6Ton Jack Stands. The old red 6Ton jack pads do not seem to fit anything I have at this point. A big rubber mallet will greatly simplify pad installation...
  12. 351c1971

    Steel wheels

    Steel wheels are usually stronger than most mag wheels. That is why they are standard issue on police cars.
  13. 351c1971

    HF New Jack Stands

    One thing I noticed immediately, the new jack stands weigh substantially more than the old ones. That is surely a good sign.
  14. 351c1971

    Front speaker

    Correction, I have the Custom Autosound USA-230. The good...
  15. 351c1971

    Front speaker

    There are also dual 3.5” “pile driver” speakers that fit in the dash with no modifications. I use them with my RetroSound USA radio. The sound is better than stock with some stereo separation as the sound bounces off the windshield. I believe NPD has them.
  16. 351c1971

    Not sure where to post this. Can someone show me a pic of washer nozzles ,

    The only part not in the kit is the rubber grommet that feeds the hose thru the bottom of the hood. Be sure to save this and re use it.
  17. 351c1971

    ’71 Mach 1 Resto Project

    Awesome paint job. Love the color,