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    Removed the Door Open Buzzer

    Funny enough I found mine disconnected, not knowing what it was, I plugged it in. As soon as I realized it is the door buzzer, pulled the plug right back out, no thank you. Often let the car idle in the garage and leave the door open. That noise is annoying.
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    That is why I got a few sags and runs, went a bit too heavy trying to glass it out. But I did 3 coats so plenty material to cut and polish. Honestly I rather deal with a run than dry spray.
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    Only the 40 grit one is useful. The others I didn't bother with. Buy a couple of them. You will wear the edges on curves of the car. I also bought the 2 inch strip discs from Amazon for some of the more complex areas like around the back window of a coupe. Used a cordless drill for those.
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    A tip for anyone painting their car, I used speedokote epoxy primer, which sands awesome but their tech sheet says to use a 1.3 tip, don't that stuff is thick, the second round of primer I used a 1.6 tip on my paint gun, so much smoother finish. The black is also speedokote Jet Black single...
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    Will do. Just want to get the outside done, next up EFI and interior. I have a room full of parts new carpet, new seats, seat belts ect. Once I get all the stuff I purchased so far on to the car. Then I will order the TKX and start that adventure. That will most likely be next winters project...
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    So more progress was made today. Tomorrow I need to sand out a few runs, then spray it again. Followed by a cut and buff and should be good enough for me. Not going for show quality, it will be a weekend cruiser. Not perfect by any means but not bad considering the last car I painted was a...
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    Inner fender splash shields

    I recently purchased a passenger rear one from Mike Berardi. He has them, you can contact him on here or Facebook. He is in the Detroit area but will ship for a reasonable price.
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    Parts For Sale Flat OEM hood, located in western Washington

    On mine a previous owner painted the entire underside flat black.
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    Parts Wanted Parts Wanted List - 72 Sport Coupe

    Unless your going all OEM most of that you can buy on NPD website.
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    Parts For Sale Flat OEM hood, located in western Washington

    Well still hoping someone contacts me soon. I really don't want to scrap a good original hood.
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    Parts Wanted '72 Mach 1 grille center bracket needed

    Wish someone had dimensions on this part for a 72, then I could just use someone like to make me one.
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    Parts For Sale Sellers beware of Zelle Business Account such thing

    Same bum contacted me about the hood I'm trying to sell. These scammers need booted off of here. He wasted my time trying to get me to take paypal or zelle, I was like it's a hood you have to pick it up, bring cash then I googled his email account and all the scammer flags popped up. I...
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    It actually works great, doesn't heat up the panels too much. Went through 4 sanding drums for the entire car. Removing 2 paint jobs on this car so it was pretty thick. Much faster than using an orbital sander.
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    I used the Bauer SCT from harbor freight, as good as the one from Eastwood just way cheaper.
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    Well finally got some warm weather last weekend here in Washington. So I finally got to spray the epoxy primer. The primer went on a bit rough not sure why, but I needed to sand it anyway, so it's not a big deal. Now on to a bit of bodywork. I used a 1.3 tip which is what the tech sheet called...
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    Not sure where to post this. Can someone show me a pic of washer nozzles ,

    Your in luck, I am swapping hoods and haven't pulled the washer out yet. Here is some pictures.
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    Here is my 72 Grande 351c 2v

    If the 10-day weather is at all accurate next weekend I will be priming the car. The only thing left to strip is the top of the front fenders and tail light panel. On a side note, if anyone in western Washington needs a hood please message me. I don't want to scrap the original hood but I...
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    Parts For Sale Flat OEM hood, located in western Washington

    Does anyone need a hood? I feel bad scrapping an original with no rust hood but don't have the space to store it.
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    351c 2v 4 bbl intake options

    Actually if you read further, the air gap uses 2v size ports to increase intake velocity.