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    Mystery Ashtray

    WCCC is a great resource for both Mustang and Cougar owners. The best.
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    Windshield molding clips

    Thanks Thanks for your detailed response. It is just what I needed.
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    Windshield molding clips

    I’ve just had the car painted and I’m now trying to attach the bright trim, however, I ordered new retaining clips and I'm having a very difficult time getting the new clips on the little posts which the trim attaches. The old clips worked great, but they were all coated with sealer, so I...
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    Paint and bolt color

    Originally from the factory, were the fender bolts painted over the color of the paint job or let unpainted ?
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    Parts For Sale Rare Koni Shocks

    For sale are a vintage pair of Koni shocks, #82-1742. Manufactured 5/73 to fit 71-73 Mustangs. One still working well, the second is froze up. Rebuilding services are available to bring them back to like new condition. $100, plus shipping.
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    Used Koni Shocks for 71-73 Mustang

    Here are the rarely seen Koni’s for 71-73 Mustangs. Both made 5/73. These are model number 82-1742. One is froze up from non-use and the other seems fine. These can be rebuilt to look and function as new. I am the original owner. $100. Will ship at your expense.
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    Reproduction sheet metal

    I probably need to replace both quarter panels and outer wheel wells. Looking for input on fit and finish, thickness of metal, and best overall quality. Any recommendations, or are they all made by one manufacturer in offshore? TIA
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    Repro Outside Door Handles

    There seem to be 2 manufactures of reproduction outside door handles, Dyncorp and Scott Drake. Is one a better product than the other? TIA
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    Shock recommendations

    Any of the premium shocks are worth the cost!
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    1971-1973 Sports Interior Option Upholstery for sale

    original ginger Mach 1 sports interior option upholstery in good condition except driver seat bottom which has several tears. Passenger seat bottom has wear on one side where the hinge rubs along with blemish on brown stripe (see photo). $200 obo plus shipping. Grapevine, TX.
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    Front Koni Shocks

    Sherrif41, thanks so much for going to all the trouble of answering my question and the photo. Greatly appreciated!
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    Front Koni Shocks

    Thanks for responding. I ran my Konis up front since 1973, but they froze up after sitting in the garage for 37+ years. Those are available any longer, so I’m wondering if anyone is using the 64-70 Part numbered Koni’s on the front of a 71-73 without any problems. This of course after replacing...
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    One more competition suspension question? Different shock holders?

    Any downside such as bottoming out or anything else ?
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    Front Koni Shocks

    Has anyone mounted the Koni 82-1388sp3 (64-70) front shocks on your 71-73 by changing the top shock mounts to the older style? If so, are there any downsides to doing so? I think the 71-73 had more suspension travel. Looking forward to your comments.
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    CJ or 4V

    I don’t have a Marti, but it was built 11/72.
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    CJ or 4V

    My 4V came with a chrome cover. I still have it but I don’t have the base. I am the original owner.
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    73 front seat seat belt receptacle

    I’m needing a 73 front seatbelt receptacle in black. It’s the standard belt design. It is 13 1/2” long. I have attached a picture. Thanks for looking.
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    Edelbrock carb and kickdown linkage

    Thanks so much for the pictures. Between these and a write up from a Ford truck forum on the web, I believe I’ve got the flick finally.
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    Edelbrock carb and kickdown linkage

    Thanks for your reply, but I really need to see how those are attached to the carb and transmission kickdown rod. If you are able, could you please take a picture with your phone ( close up) and post here. I have all the adapters, but I have been unable to make them work properly. I really need...