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  1. Boss1Ray

    Trying to track down my dads 72 Mach 1 Mustang HO

    Secluff - I'm almost positive you know this but for the rest of us mere mortals I thought I'd refresh a few memories. For the 72 Model Year the HO was a drivetrain option available in all body types. 336 "05" Mach 1's were HO's which all came with the HO motor and 4 speed. The other 30 of the...
  2. Boss1Ray

    Used ChatAI to write quick highlight about the 1971 Boss 351 Mustang

    I used ChatOpenAI/GPT4 to write this quick paper about the 1971 Mustang Boss 351 Mustang. While not the best; not a bad write-up overall. "The 1971 Mustang Boss 351 is a true icon of American muscle cars. With its powerful engine, aggressive styling, and exceptional performance, it is no...
  3. Boss1Ray

    Anyone into Vintage Audio HiFi?

    I have my old trusty Pioneer receiver and related equipment. Haven't turned it on in YEARS! LOL Ray
  4. Boss1Ray

    71 to 73 plain hood no vents

    Might get lucky and have a member on here close to you (Utah) that has one or knows of one available. I'd place a wanted ad somehow on your local Craigslist and maybe local Facebook Marketplace. If you need to, put something you want to sell extra off your car on FB Marketplace and also...
  5. Boss1Ray

    1971 Spring Special

    Joe, a few more thoughts... Glad you were able to access that older thread. Wish more would look for those. Quite a few excellent threads from guys who know their stuff about these cars! I only thought I knew about them until I joined this forum! I haven't been online much lately, and I...
  6. Boss1Ray

    1971 Spring Special

    Nice to see another in good shape - WAY too many were sacrificed to supply parts for Mach's and some verts, mainly hoods, grills and bumpers. Boss 351's could use all but the bumpers. Ray
  7. Boss1Ray

    Cleaning out stuff

    LOL. Will do! Ray
  8. Boss1Ray

    Cleaning out stuff

    Sold some property where I had a few cars stored. Had to let some stuff go I intended to keep a while longer but now that they are gone - it isn't so bad. Two of the things I got rid of were Mustang parts cars. One, a 73 Mach 1 that had definitely seen better days and the other a 71 hardtop...
  9. Boss1Ray

    Glad I am not doing a concours resto

    And I know I have said it before - but this is probably one of the nicest 1972 Mustangs. I would have to sell my convertible to buy it. And I have too much sentimental value in that car. I have both driven and ridden in Chuck's Mach 1. Always an enjoyable experience. I can only hope my Boss...
  10. Boss1Ray

    Glad I am not doing a concours resto

    Kevken1959, Love that 72 R code convertible! Interesting - I have recently removed the rear honeycomb panel and pop open gas cap that I had added to my 72 Q 4spd convertible. Mine is very similar to the one you bought from my friend here in Oklahoma. I am in the process of removing and...
  11. Boss1Ray

    Track days - brake abuse

    Was reading Tony-Muscle's post about 100+ mph lift and shake at a track event. Reminded me of some fun I had a few (MANY) years ago. Back in about 1981 or '82, I was participating with the Boss 351 in some Shelby Meet speed events. See my avatar pic. After a day of running on Hallett...
  12. Boss1Ray

    PoFoMoCo's 1971 Shelby Europa build October 2022

    Best of luck in building your tribute. Thanks for the update posts and pics. Ray
  13. Boss1Ray

    HO scale Mustang slot car

    Thought I'd bump this thread. Always looking for old slot car collections to buy!
  14. Boss1Ray

    71 Mach 1 paint color choice help

    Yeah you will notice Wimbledon white is what some call an eggshell white. We had a 75 Blazer and it had the Cheyenne woodgrain package with the white paint. That truck next to my Boss really showed the difference. The original white paint 73 Mustangs I have seen are similar with a vibrant white.
  15. Boss1Ray

    Looking for this 71 Mach 1

    Sorry Steve - just saw this reply! Yeah I would appreciate any help. Thx. Ray
  16. Boss1Ray

    Hello From Central Florida

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Ray
  17. Boss1Ray

    Hello from Reno, Nevada

    Julie - WELCOME FROM OKLAHOMA! What a great story. We have a bunch of members with similar stories where they are driving a car previously owned by a family member or friend. Some like you where that family member bought it new and other members who bought their car new that they still own...
  18. Boss1Ray

    Hello, I am a new member from Bayville, NJ.

    Welcome from Oklahoma! Ray
  19. Boss1Ray

    Mach 1 in a Bank Commercial! SEE TOP VIDEO ON THIS PAGE
  20. Boss1Ray

    Hello all from CA

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Ray