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  1. 92GTS-R

    Happy Christmas 2023/24

    Not been on the forum much this year but still have my 71 Sports back and am still trying to find a welder in the UK. Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and look forward to catching up more in the New Year. Cheers Mark UK
  2. 92GTS-R

    Anyone recognize this 73 Mach 1 in England?

    I'm in South East England, so that area is a fair way away from me. I have only met a couple of owners of these cars.
  3. 92GTS-R

    What did you do to your car today?

    Sadly I have not done much on my car at all, The last issue I had was trying to weld in a front passenger floor pan, I cleaned up the box sections and treated them for rust and prevention. drilled a series of holes in the new floor pan so the mig welder could hit the thicker box sections and...
  4. 92GTS-R

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    Wife has me repairing cracked brick walls and redecorating the Bedroom, I did property maintenance for a living and didn't enjoy it, when my financial advisor said I could take early retirement I jumped at it and closed the business, Now I get to do the same crap in my Home but the worst part is...
  5. 92GTS-R

    Greetings from London - UK!

    Love it, Hi Dave, I'm in North East Surrey near Banstead. Still working on my rust bucket 71 sportsback 302. Nice car you got there 👍
  6. 92GTS-R


    Thanks, didn't know that, is there a marking on the glass to distinguish the differences
  7. 92GTS-R


    This 302 sports back FMX trans and I think 1981 engine?
  8. 92GTS-R

    One of our members won "BEST OF SHOW" at the Ponies in the Smokes Mustang show over 1,000 entrants

    Wow, congratulations indeed, great result, well done.
  9. 92GTS-R


    What are Sun-X rear Quarter windows? Are they those port hole type windows, or do you mean just the normal quarter window behind doors?
  10. 92GTS-R

    Shipping sucks

    If you think that's bad you should try owning an American car in the UK! NPD is a fortune to ship parts, so for heavy items I get parts shipped to a Florida address, parts are then put in a consolidated container and then shipped to the UK where I then face a 3 hr return drive to pick up the...
  11. 92GTS-R

    Happy New Year to all Mustang friends and family

    Happy New year to you all from South of London UK, NO doubt about it. The world's a mess these last couple of years, but I was luckly to get a week on vacation in November (when travel restrictions lifted) and visited Florida and the Daytona Turkey run. Bumped into this beauty while there
  12. 92GTS-R

    Popped back in after a looonnnggg absence

    Hello from a Damp England UK, I too have not posted much up this last year, I must admit I went to the Dark side and started using Facebook for the first time, Facebook is OK but the forum is a much more valuable asset IMO. Best wishes everyone for 2022
  13. 92GTS-R

    plastic fender to cowl filler panel trim information

    Really slow, sadly, Wife decided she wanted work doing on the house which I had to do :(  Im still trying to do the floor pans.   I will update the restro thread.
  14. 92GTS-R

    plastic fender to cowl filler panel trim information

    Thats what I was looking for 
  15. 92GTS-R

    rear hood corner protectors

    I was trying to find those above but the ebay price was really high,   I know someone had to develop them but even so, I could not justify the Price.
  16. 92GTS-R

    rear hood corner protectors

    Every time I click on that link above I get a 404 server error? The requested URL was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. " 
  17. 92GTS-R

    rear hood corner protectors

    Any Idea why the pics are missing and the link does not work anymore?
  18. 92GTS-R

    Rear window louvers

    I too bought the Summit Louvers, not fitted them yet, the car took a turn for the worse once i lifted the carpets and now has been off the road a couple of years while I am getting to grips with the very slow restoration.
  19. 92GTS-R

    Wanted RHS Front inner fender splash shield 71 Fastback

    Item purchased thread closed thanks to Mike at Motorcity Mustang