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  1. Paul M

    F-ing HOA issue!

    Yep I had a few loose cannons going around eyeballing everybody else's properties for defects. They were covenant Nazis. I do not live in a HOA, however, we have a neighborhood association ran by a few zealots. I got on their Johansen acres site and let them have it. I pointed out the people who...
  2. Paul M

    Carburetor heat shield

    I've seen them before on Ebay. I went with the Offy 360 aluminum intake that fit under my Ram air. I was looking for heatshield & found out it was vapor locking before it got to the carb. It acted as if it was running out of gas, which it actually was. It happened on a couple of hot days in a...
  3. Paul M

    Parts Wanted Driver's seat, L/R Headlight housings, and Rear Glass for 72 Fastback

    If it falls through. I ship stuff twice a week I'm in Okla it would take 2 days. I'll take 90 for the back glass to get rid of it. It will still cost a bunch to ship like another 90-95$. If he already shipped it just get the tracking number from him, it's on the receipt.
  4. Paul M

    Suspension Recommendations

    I ran through my suspension a year ago and wouldn't change a thing. I 1st added the 5-leaf rear with a std eye. It was nice till I added the 1" drop spring on the front giving it that "Rake" then the heavy rear leafs rode like an unloaded truck/or jacked up air shock car & it was only a 1"...
  5. Paul M

    3 Inch Exhaust

    That's about the max the input shaft can handle, other than that the top loader is pretty durable. I know a guy named Big Jim who left burnouts everywhere he went. He killed everything else except the tranny & maybe a couple of panels.
  6. Paul M

    3 Inch Exhaust

    Lmao Ye I'd say 40% would be a hacker's extreme. Anyway 3" is more likely a 2 1/2 w muffler shop bends. All considering if you run a baffled muffler, you still have the back pressure /restriction. In a perfect world we can change jetting accordingly. Cutouts and electronic tuning can get close...
  7. Paul M

    3 Inch Exhaust

    I can't see a necessity for 3" I ran 3" on my GTO it was a .060 over bore 455 12 1/2 :1 comp w/real Ram Air heads, just about 600HP. I couldn't tell the difference between 2 1/2 mandrel and 3" I was running Hooker racing headers on it with 2" primaries. That being said, you can run 3" all the...
  8. Paul M

    Parts Wanted Driver's seat, L/R Headlight housings, and Rear Glass for 72 Fastback

    I have the rear glass for a 71-73 fastback. They sell for 229 + tax almost 250 + 110 shipping. I'll take 100 + shipping I can probably ship for 95.00. It will have to be in a big enough box to keep it from damage.
  9. Paul M

    Last week in Tulsa

    Here's a shot at the drags last weekend. Basically, a heads-up race. Marvin spotted him by .020, dialed out by .010, lost by .008. He was in a 1968? Olds 442. Very detailed car. I had never seen him before. Then found out he runs Mokan, a regular. He went 2 more rounds and won. Overall. The...
  10. Paul M

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    I had a well in Windsor locks Ct. back in my aircraft dayz. I remember losing prime and had to crawl into the freezing water and replace the foot valve. I also had to dig that yard up, neighbor had a backhoe. I recently had to dig up my yard here and used a ditch witch. Those backhoes are so...
  11. Paul M

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    A lil side project it's called a Shovelution. Hot rod Harley motor. Shovelhead STD cases stock crank S&S rods, Evolution heads, Screaming Eagle 2 plug heads topped off by a Supe E shorty.
  12. Paul M

    Leaf springs shackles

    Ye the stock ones are something like 5" in appearance I think they are only 3" from center to ctr on the holes. You'll want double the amount in inches to get your desired effect. So, you may want to consider the 5" or 6" the other poster has. I personally went 1 1/2" over stock for the desired...
  13. Paul M

    Leaf springs shackles

    Ye the std eye 5 leafs don't raise it but @ 3/4" You'd probably get a better result with 1" lowered springs in the front and minimal shackles on the rear. I found it was a tetering process of getting my suspension right. I r&r'd the rear leafs then did the front then added spacers and shackles...
  14. Paul M

    Leaf springs shackles

    You must have went with the stock replacement leafs. That's why I went with the 5 leaf. If you want 2" in height you'll have to raise it 4". The rear of the car reacts about 50% of what you use to lift it. I'm surprised you need that much with a standard eye spring though. If you plan on...
  15. Paul M

    MSD repair service

    I've had 3 of them repaired now for @ 100.00. I bought the last one for my Q code used on Ebay for @ 75.00 knowing they would run through it with a sawbuck / reasonable rate. MSD unlike others such as Holley - Mallory. (As mentioned) Mallory shot itself in the foot when Holley took over, the...
  16. Paul M

    Front Suspension drop

    The center part is concaved on the wheel. The wheel protrudes outward from the hub the more dish you have. This wheel at 9 1/2 fits inside the wheel well just 1/4" I wanted to see a dish on the wheel but wanted it reasonably inside the wheel well. The tire has a convex curve, so the tire will go...
  17. Paul M

    Front Suspension drop

    I 1st rebuilt this front end using the 1" lowered spring which is also thicker, anyway I ended up adding the 3/8" polyurethane spacer/insulators. Which almost doubles the height let's say 3/4" ht. While I was at it, I added the saddles, that have grease fittings, they are sealed and rotate 360...
  18. Paul M

    71-72 bumpers on a 73

    Once you get this together, (meaning assemble the brackets on the bumper) the rear bolt and nut plate assy will line up fine, however, you'll have to elongate the hole a bit to get the angle correct. Look at the picture of the previous poster (back hole only) The front bolt hole will limit how...
  19. Paul M

    B Pillar sheet avail or die??

    I personally had to replace one. I couldn't find the repop on the part anywhere, so I got one from a doner car. Do not cut them out. Run the flat of a die grinder along the outer edge to clean the paint off and look for the low spots. You'll have to drill out the spot welds. There's several...