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  1. 72Wasp

    Life is to short!

    Welcome from Colorado
  2. 72Wasp

    VIN Check

    Thanks, my old eyes need some help I guess!
  3. 72Wasp

    VIN Check

    Hello, Since I bought my car out of state I need to do a VIN check, on my previous Mustangs there is the dash and a spot on the body( usually the engine bay) as well stamped on there. But I don't see that on my car. Is there another VIN hidden somewhere other than the dash?
  4. 72Wasp

    New Dark Horse officially ordered.

    Congrats! Can't wait for a review on it.
  5. 72Wasp

    Advice on brake conversion kits

    Great pictures!
  6. 72Wasp

    1972 Project Wasp

    Finally got some more tear down done today. The dash is out and the smell from the former rodent motel was not pleasant. Sadly the AC plastic center section is broken but that is fine. Trying to get all the glass and interior out to get the sand blasting done here in a couple of weeks
  7. 72Wasp

    71-72 mach 1 grill center support bracket

    Forgive my ignorance, but will a 73 fit my 72? I essentially need all of the front end parts and am not concerned about concurs or anything like that. Function is my key need right now.
  8. 72Wasp

    71-72 mach 1 grill center support bracket

    Sorry I meant a bracket and latch setup if you have another one left for sale.
  9. 72Wasp

    71-72 mach 1 grill center support bracket

    I would need a 72 setup if you have any left, my car was hit in the front and basically none of those parts are left! I have a spare grill and that is really it
  10. 72Wasp

    ’71 Mach 1 Resto Project

    Luckily mine came back negative. Going to work in the garage today for the first time in a long while! Glad you are doing better!
  11. 72Wasp

    70th Detroit Autorama

    Looks good. I wonder now about what would a hood look like with the ram air and a Boss 9 scoop on top?
  12. 72Wasp

    ’71 Mach 1 Resto Project

    Speedy recovery! (I have an x-ray scheduled for my shoulder tomorrow...)
  13. 72Wasp

    New member

    Welcome from Colorado!
  14. 72Wasp

    Not a restorer, just a hobbiest that has a couple

    Welcome from Colorado!
  15. 72Wasp

    408 Ram Air decal?

    I'm curious too as I would like to do something similar
  16. 72Wasp

    ’71 Mach 1 Resto Project

    You do great work!
  17. 72Wasp

    ’71 Mach 1 Resto Project

    What a great build thread. Very inspiring! I'm at chapter 1, got the car home. Now the fun begins!
  18. 72Wasp

    My 1973 project daily driver

    Welcome from Colorado!