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  1. J

    1973 Convertible

    A good looking car for sure! The black top looks good on yours. Mine is white and need to be replaced so thinking about if I should keep it white are do black.
  2. J

    Need help identifying this part and where it goes on my 71 Mach 1

    Does anyone know if this rad support seal was on the '73's also? Thanks
  3. J

    New but not new

    Welcome from Washington! Sounds like you have the right people working on the wiring issues! Good luck on your project!
  4. J

    72 Convertible Road Trip Build

    Nice work! Getting after that "To Do List"
  5. J

    New Member in Seattle

    Welcome to the group. You are in my backyard! Great story on your Mustang (and your other projects as well). The before and after picture is impressive. Will be following your build thread with interest!
  6. J

    73 H Code Convertible Project

    Wow! that steering wheel turned out nice!! Just went through this thread and saw the projects that you have been working on, they all have really tumed out great! I'm amazed at how well that you have been able to dye the parts. Such great improvements on a really nice looking car!
  7. J

    Radiator Grill Cover

    Ive thought about this as well. If I remember there was a thread about this topic a while back. May be worth doing a search in the forum and see if it comes up.
  8. J

    Wild new computer controlled AFR system for carburetors.

    After reading this thread and watching the videos this sound interesting. Has anyone else that bought it had time to install and have feedback? I've been watching Luke on YT for several years so was surprised that he was the one behind Carb Cheater.
  9. J

    Parts For Sale 1973 Ford Car Shop Manuals

    Seattle area -Local pickup only I have some duplicate copies of the 1973 Ford Car Shop manuals. They are in used, good/fair condition as follows: Vol 1 Chassis (fair). Vol 3 Electrical (2 copies, one good, one fair). Vol 4 Body (good). Vol 5 Pre Delivery (good). Vol 6 Engine and Emissions (2...
  10. J

    1972 convertible

    Welcome from Washington state! Hope you are able to find the parts you need to save your vert.
  11. J

    FMX to 4r70w swap

    mrgmhale, Lots of good info!, Thanks for the links
  12. J


    Welcome from western Washington! Congrats on the purchace of your '73!
  13. J

    Vert stainless windshield cap?

    I’m not exactly sure but I seem to remember it being referred to as the windshield header trim (?) There have been many posts on the site addressing issues in this area and how to seal it by a long time site member. I would try doing a search on the forum to see if you can pull up some of them...
  14. J

    Allegedly 1 of 1 PW window 73 Convertible

    Congrates on the 73 convertible and welcome to the site from Washington! Nicely optioned car for sure.
  15. J

    Hello from the Bay Area

    Welcome from Washington state. Both cars are very interesting!
  16. J

    PDB master cylinder rebuilt kit availability?

    I found this post where David mentions getting kit from NPD Was NPD one of the sources that is out of stock? This is the link to the original post about booster rebuild but he mentioned master cylinder rebuild kit.
  17. J

    PDB master cylinder rebuilt kit availability?

    Interested in this subject also. I remember a thread about this a while ago, will try searching for it.
  18. J

    Convertible tops,

    Good to know, May have to give that a try once I get the top back on :)
  19. J


    Wow, sorry for your ordeal but great info on the hinges and options for replacement. Thanks for taking the time to pass it on!