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  1. J

    New 2024 NPD mustang catalog

    I just got in the mail and I have not checked it out yet. Are their any NEW noteworthy parts available for 71/73 cars? John J
  2. J

    Trim plate horn deluxe wood grain needed

    I am looking for a replacement for mine on a 2 spoke deluxe steering wheel. Here is the link for the part. Carpenter used to make a repo but it has been discontinued.
  3. J

    horn pad replacement

    Anyone used the one that NPD sells? My is starting to come apart. Is the repo any good. John J
  4. J

    Screw types size needed for lower cover steering column

    That would be a good idea. I didn't even seen that note in the parts description. Ouch! John J
  5. J

    Screw types size needed for lower cover steering column

    Lost some screw when I moved last summer. I finally have some time to work on the car. The part I need the screws for are for is. I think to 2 are a coarse tread type and the other 2 are a fine tread type but not sure about the head size or length. COVER, Lower Steering Column, black, repro...
  6. J

    Hard starting 1406 Carb new problem.

    Mine has the same problem as RIBS. The longer it sits the harder it is to start and seem to be getting worse. Not sure if it can be fixed or is it time for a new carb. I don't remember it being like this when it was new. The carb is 7 or 8 years old but I only put on around a 1000 mile a year...
  7. J

    Voltage regulator ?

    Thanks for the info everyone. I thought it was too high. The lights are little to bright for me. I don't want to have to replace them anytime time soon. I checked the voltage with my fluke digital meter again today with the same voltage reading. I am going to pick up a new one from NPD in...
  8. J

    Hard starting 1406 Carb new problem.

    I have a had a 1406 Edlebrock carb on my car for about 6 years with no issues. Lately the car is becoming hard to start. It does not seem to be getting fuel. I have to keep pumping the gas petal for a long time to get fuel. Once it starts it runs fine with good acceleration. Any idea what to...
  9. J

    Voltage regulator ?

    What should the correct voltage be? I have between 14.65 and 14.75 volts at the battery with the car running. The light are brighter than normal and have a flicker that's new on the head lights and tail lights. I have a Motorcraft electronic regulator that about 4 years old. John J
  10. J

    My Sprint Tribute is complete!

    Looks Great. John J
  11. J

    Ceramic Coating

    I have see a lot of new ceramic coatings products. Are these good for old paint or are they for for modern paint with clear coat only. John J
  12. J

    Insurance lessons learned

    I have Hagerty and have no issues. I few years ago I raised the coverage on my car since I put so much money into it and it was seamless. No problem when I moved to SC and needed to have coverage in my new state. I have used their road service a few times and the response was as good as using...
  13. J

    Correct decals for 73 Q code engine bay

    I have not found it yet unfortunately. If I do I will contact you. I still have boxes that I need to empty. I thought it was in a binder where I keep my mustang documents but no such luck. John J
  14. J

    The cold weather followed me SC UGH!

    I lived in Michigan my entire life. I decided to retire and move to South Carolina. I get here here and we have the coldest winter since 1982. I have neighbors with no heat and frozen pipes on Christmas day. I had planned to get away from all this crap. I made the mistake to go the...
  15. J

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to the site. Formally from the frozen state of Michigan now retired in SC. John
  16. J

    Tire stores Charlotte area

    I am new to the area and need tires for my wife's Jeep and my Highlander. Looking a for a good place to go for tires with decent pricing other then Costco. John J
  17. J

    Moving to NC from MI car shipping cost

    I found a company on line that moved both my Mustang and my wife"s Wrangler for 1900.00. I gave the drive a nice tip half up front and the rest when he dropped off the cars. No issues. John J
  18. J

    Living in SC now and enjoying my retirement

    I am back. We finally are moved in SC. I made 3 trips with a truck to move all our crap to SC. We had to do it in stages because my wife was working in SC and I was still working in MI. I am adjusting to the heat and looking forward to a nice fall in the south. The roads are good and gas is...
  19. J

    Oem part or replacement

    I had some work done on my car before I move to SC. A lot of the parts are have ford part numbers. I was wondering if any where still original or replacement parts
  20. J

    timing chain very tired

    The 3 core is on the way and I spoke to the owner of the shop and he aware of the t stat issues with the Cleveland's. He a Ford guy. Moving to the south has been a dream of mine for years. Both my kids have live there for a while and it one of the few times that they ever listen to there crazy...