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    U-joint instead of rag joint ?

    I got one made of Polyurethan instead, better roadfeel they say :)
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    Shock recommendations

    I used, I also haive 1 inch lowering springs in front and stock rear leaf springs with Energy suspension shackels.
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    U-joint instead of rag joint ?

    Hi Has anyone replaced the rag joint with a U-joint like the Borgeson type ? Does it forwards vibrations ? I looked at some hotrods the other the other day and all of them had no rag joints and a lot of U jonts to clear headers etc. regards Rob
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    351c motor frame mounts

    I used the energy suspension for my 351c and 73. I just relocated the frame mounts with some steel plate and it works perfect.
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    New seats in :-)

    Got some autostyle seats in, I think its a good match for modern seats in old car.
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    Holley Sniper CAN wiring shorted

    If you use a 255LPH pump with an Fuelregulator 0-90 psi and a returnline it can be set up to handle booth carb and EFI. If anybody thinking of going to EFi, forget the Sniper and go for the Terminator X :)
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    Opinions on going EFI

    Hi Ive been running the Holey Terminator X TBI for 3 years, runs great. Easy installation and looks just like a carb. With the dualsync dizzy its a good combo.
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    Converting to manual trans

    I used a hydraulic RAM heavy Duty clutch, with Malwood all in one pedal assembly.
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    Converting to manual trans Some info :-)
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    FMX to 4r70w swap

    I have SPC upper controm arm tires are 235/45/18 no rubs at all.
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    Lower control arm Poly Bushing

    Here is the finished product, Boxed all around and 1 9/16 bushing from Energy suspension. The old shell is welded in. Polybushing are wrapped in telefon tape before putting them in. Steps: Press out the old Bushing with shell Drill out and press out the center of the bushing leaving the edges...
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    Lower control arm Poly Bushing

    Yes My thought to, Well Il go hunting for some others. I think the 1 9/16 are the correct ones
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    Lower control arm Poly Bushing

    Hi I thought of changing the lower control arms, and box the new ones. Also I would like to get some poly bushings in. I bought what I thought was right but this is the fitment. The shell is from the old arm. Will It compress and work when torqued down ? I think there is to much play. The...
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    Rainy Car show 1 pick

    Thanks all for great comments :-) The microfiber towels worked hard to dry her in the garage.
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    Rainy Car show 1 pick

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    Special custom built exhaust

    thanks, but the gas in Sweden is ridiculous expensive :)
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    Special custom built exhaust

    Here is a clip from the dashcam. The sound on the mic is not so good when recording. Its very smal acceleration :)
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    Special custom built exhaust

    Warming up with the new exhaust :)
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    Special custom built exhaust

    No but I used to work in construction 30 years ago :)