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  1. J

    Large voltage Drop

    This is just the simple diagram of what I have set to the car right now. What I tried today: 1. I pulled starter and bench tested it, solenoid activated and held constant 12V. Obviously not under load so I will have it load tested this week at auto parts store. 2. I took the battery off of our...
  2. J

    Large voltage Drop

    So this is what I'm running. Top black is Bat(-), Red goes to engine block, bottom black goes to starter mount. The common bolt is unpainted frame rail. I also took jump cable hooked it to negative on bat and to bolt on engine block to make sure there's a direct ground from bat to engine. Even...
  3. J

    Large voltage Drop

    Ahhh I do not have it grounded directly to the engine block! As of now I have the Battery (-) grounded --> Frame rail --> starter, and the engine grounded from the water/cylinder head pump bolt to the opposite frame rail. So they are both grounded to chassis but as separate circuits. Would this...
  4. J

    Large voltage Drop

    Battery ground is run straight to frame rail. What size wire do you use for solenoid to starter. I think the one on there now is like 6 gauge. Its not hot after cranking though. Its a very weird situation and Ive been troubleshooting it for weeks now to no avail. I ll take for a load test.
  5. J

    Large voltage Drop

    Hey Guys, 1973 351C - Car has new starter, new solenoid, new battery, all paired with MSD ignition box. I have 13.7 volts at battery with a jumper on it for extra power. The problem I have is when cranking the car falls from 14v to 9 on the battery and cranks extremely slow. Though when I...
  6. J

    Fuel Pump Issue 351C

    Heys guys, My first engine rebuild, everythings together, wired up, I crank her over and Im getting no fuel to carb. I throw a gauge on the inlet side of pump and I'm getting almost no vacuum. Switch it over to outlet side, little more of a reading on gauge but not enough to make anything...
  7. J

    Frame rails

    Yo guys, Is there really no manufacturer making replacement framerails for the 73 mustangs? I know there not popular but still. Thanks
  8. J


    I doubt anyone has a set of these laying around but I need 1973 driverside+passenger side doors and would rather not pay 700 a pop to get them off Cj's. Anyone know anywhere I can find some of these?
  9. J

    Floor Support Replacement Advice

    Hey Guys, I'm planning on replacing the driverside floor support on my 73'. Has anyone done this before, or know of a good build forum involving this? I need to cut open the bottom of the torque box in order to get out those spot welds holding it onto the frame, but if I do cut the torque box...