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    Happy New Year Folks

    Happy new year to all.
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    First "real" pic with painted bumper

    Very nice Mike!
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    New to the board..Intro

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    My introduction 72 convertible rebuild

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    Hello from Jensen Beach, FL

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    Introduction from the upper midwest

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    1973 Convertible project in Orlando

    LOL...wouldn't want the mower to rust you know
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    Suspension Upgrade Advice

    Q is telling you the truth, he has been through this and knows what he is talking about, in fact, if and when I am able to rebuild mine, Q and I are going to talk about his setup and how to apply it to a vert.
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    Welcome from Arkansas
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    Hello from Heidelberg in Germany

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    Glamor Shots

    Link didn't work for me, but I am working from an IPhone so that could be the problem
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    Hello from England

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    New from S. Carolina 71 mustang Restro

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    Hello from Corpus Christi TX

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    Hello from Clover, SC!

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    someone wants to buy my car

    Plus 1 on rays comment, a step up is always a good way to go
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    new member

    Welcome from Arkansas
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    Super Bowl

    Good to see the old guy win another bowl...take that super man!
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    Interior Paint / Dye

    Color code, and age (fading) can vary so it can be a challenge to match. If custom match is not an option, check SEM products, they are usually very close.
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    '71 429cj convertible restoration

    Great job! Keep the updates coming