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  1. Fabrice

    Hello all !

    How such car can be left to rot is beyond me… glad it found a home! Good luck with the restoration! Welcome from the northern Netherlands
  2. Fabrice

    Hi everybody.

    Niiiice! Welcome from the northern Netherlands
  3. Fabrice

    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    @Vern Cook thx, I have a chair ( a classic Dutch school chair for young kids) but working on this trunk floor is about moving crawling, stand up etc... and me being a programmer not moving enough during the week, I pay the weekends !! :D Tiny little update I was planning to do much more this...
  4. Fabrice

    Carburetor heat shield

    Another option if your vapor lock issues percist, is to install an electric fuel pump, a return line and a regulator. Where the regulator outlet is close to the carb inlet. Pump needs be just above the 14 psi, like 20. Ensuring a constant circuit of cool fuel. You could as well I think use the...
  5. Fabrice

    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    @t.kohlmeyer thx. Well, take your time. I'll see once I got the files what I could do. @Sheriff41 thx, tho I'm being more destructive than anything else atm! :) @tpj71mach I can return you the same compliments: WOW! :D Yeah drilling out these spot welds wasn't really much fun. My back did...
  6. Fabrice

    F-ing HOA issue!

    OMG, I see the guy who send the letter. A Mike Johnson like dude with his new Tesla on the driveway that he can barely afford ! You can play the game as your cover idea suggests, but being the weird guy in my street (you know, the guy making grinding noises every weekend, shaking up the...
  7. Fabrice

    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    Time for a little update Unlike in most of the world where summer has arrived fr ages, even with crazy high temps, seasons are here locked to October. rain, rain and low temps. That to say, that in a rare weekends when weather was okish(dry) I went enjoy my 73... well that too, isn't really...
  8. Fabrice

    Sticking Caliper

    It could be a collapsed line, but as they seams to be not that old and from a respectable brand. I would first remove the pads and check them. if corrosion has found its way on each side of them, they no longer move smoothly and do not return to the expected "floating" position. Also, what...
  9. Fabrice

    Removed the Door Open Buzzer

    The little guy reminds me often to shut my lights out. So is it annoying, oh yes it is, but very useful too. However this thread reminds me my old plan to replace it with the ‘ding ding’ from my old 91 tbird. Just as useful, but less annoying. Now if I remember this AND recall where I have...
  10. Fabrice

    Need the Ignition Actuator replacement Procedure (steering column)

    Yes, I'm assuming here you have put the column back together, with parts expected to function and only need to adjust the cylinder/rod/switch mechanism relationship (travel /distance).
  11. Fabrice

    Need the Ignition Actuator replacement Procedure (steering column)

    the doc is made for ideal situation, in other words no play. In real world the nut securing the contact is the only thing that matters. The easy way to set it right is (with battery disconnected so you do not crank) is to insert the key to crank position, and while there, move the rod and the...
  12. Fabrice

    351c to Gen3 Coyote

    Wow, what a beauty! Manual speed box behind?
  13. Fabrice


    dang!! That’s a nightmare! You’re ok, that!s all that matters! If it was loaded with good parts, may be buy a coupe donor and transfer all you can on it?
  14. Fabrice

    Ram Air Actuator Removal

    There is a lock ring at the end if each S rods (the axis pivoting the flaps) And like 5 or 6 small nuts per duct to remove them. as the vacuum actuators are originally riveted, you might need to separate the 2 pieces of plastic to open. To open them you only need to pry the staples open. Then...
  15. Fabrice

    460 swap on a 72 Mustang base

    The 71-73 were designed especially to accept the 429. Engine wise you only need 385 series engine mounts similar to 429. For the trans, I don't know what you have but you can have a pretty big bell housing as it was the case for the C6/429 combo without any firewall/tunnel issues. Drive shaft...
  16. Fabrice

    Where the hell I have been and why your order isn't done yet.

    That's some very testing period you went thru Bob. From now on, it should only go much better!
  17. Fabrice

    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    @t.kohlmeyer Pictures, metric sizes and some dxf or other 3D format would prolly do it. Not sure about the gauge, if really thick, that would mean probably buying extra metal to build the dies to press/shape it and prolly another set to fold it. But before costs would need to be made, with your...
  18. Fabrice

    What is this thing?

    @c9zx thanks Chuck! Never seen these before. Probably because they failed to drain anything :D Found this 70' image. So this thing is ment to be outside? How are they supposed to work? Wait till there is enough water pressure to push the rubber outwards??? The rubber seems to be clipped on...
  19. Fabrice

    As the wire wheel turns...and disintegrates

    Before stoopid brexit, I could buy paint stripper and I did my entire engine bay in no time. I recall go from a 3 layers of paint firewall to a blank metal in less than 20 minutes. places you cannot go without doing serious gym were pristine in no time. In the states you still can buy what is...
  20. Fabrice

    What is this thing?

    I was busy this weekend in the quarter/trunk region of my 71 and saw this unknown little guy in the pile of dirt rust that I was busy removing from the drop-offs... it looks like a "stop", the end of something rubbery. The metal seams to be some kind of lock as used on door locks mechanisms. My...