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  1. 70cobrascj

    😂 so true

  2. 70cobrascj

    Starting A New 72 Mach 1 Project

    You are probably right
  3. 70cobrascj

    Starting A New 72 Mach 1 Project

  4. 70cobrascj

    F O R D !

  5. 70cobrascj

    Hood paint

    I have always liked that color. Very nice!
  6. 70cobrascj

    71Convert Restoration Project Progress

    Those things are gold! Mine crumpled when I removed it 😢
  7. 70cobrascj

    The good son

    That is so awesome and what a great son you are being. The car is awesome too so is your name 😂 that’s mine and my son’s name. Great color and do you know the paint code? And that’s one heck of a great optioned convertible. I’m not huge on convertibles but I have always thought that the 71-73...
  8. 70cobrascj

    Easy question, I hope

    No it fit with problem
  9. 70cobrascj

    Easy question, I hope

    Here is what I used if you want to put something in that hole. Got it off eBay for about 30$
  10. 70cobrascj

    Easy question, I hope

    Good luck trying to find the park light on the left side. It is for your parking brake and let’s you know if you have it engaged
  11. 70cobrascj

    Help with Speedo cable lube

    This post has good timing my speedo started acting up the other day the odometer seems to be fine but the needle sometimes has a mind of its own. It buried its self one time and it wildly fluctuate while holding a steady speed. I tried reaching up under the dash to make sure it fully snapped in...
  12. 70cobrascj

    Parts For Sale NOS 71-72 drivers fender

    You can call it what you want put it is NOS that so called patina you can’t even feel it with your hand it is as smooth as the primer. It never has been used it is old and it is stock. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. 70cobrascj

    Parts For Sale NOS 71-72 drivers fender

    Nice 71-72 Nos left side front fender. Located just east of Nashville Tennessee 400
  14. 70cobrascj

    Parts For Sale 850 Pro-Systems Carburetor

    Nice slightly used 850 carb I had set up for my 408 with the kick down mechanism. Just went back to a vacuum secondary carbs for better gas mileage. Details in the pics. 450 plus shipping
  15. 70cobrascj

    ID this radiator and shroud

    Anyone know if this a Mustang radiator and shroud? Rad I’d D1ZE GA the shroud is D0OE 8146 C Thanks
  16. 70cobrascj

    What did you do to your car today? This Fox looked like new. Wish the place was open.
  17. 70cobrascj

    What did you do to your car today?

    Took it on a 80 mile round trip in 100 degree heat to go see a really cool place in Carthage TN. 427 Garage. If you are ever in the middle TN area it’s a cool place to see and Carthage is in some nice country. The old girl just cruises and ran great. She likes to stretch her legs for sure. It...
  18. 70cobrascj

    Need some ideas

    Maybe disconnect the exhaust at the headers and see how it runs 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. 70cobrascj

    Need some ideas

    Pic of the tail pipes? Is it possible any packing material could of been in one of or both pipes and plugged the system up?