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    Parts For Sale Kevco F607 Oil pan + pickup

    I run this same pan. Fits great and is very well made. Good luck with the sale. Someone will be happy.
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    Vehicles For Sale 1 owner 1971 Mach 1 for sale in SW Ontario, Canada

    Thats Crazy. I built a 40x40 shop with 14' sidewalls a few years back. I paid a contractor to do the site prep and concrete work. Then me and 4 of my friends built it. Started on a Thursday morning and were finished by noon on Sunday. I had about $18k in materials and $14k in the site prep and...
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    Hi everybody.

    Welcome. Nice looking ride!
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    Lifter noise

    Also. get mechanics stethoscope. I had the same sound several years ago. ended up being a cracked exhaust manifold.
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    Lets build a Map Light!

    This was done several years ago by a member. He 3D printed them. They fit perfect, looked factory. I have one in my car.
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    New Member

    Welcome from Iowa
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    New member

    Nice ride. Welcome from Iowa.
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    Dyno Tune Session Questions

    Ok. I have finally got around to scheduling a Dyno session with a highly recommended tuner. Scheduled for July 29. I've never done one of these. Any suggestions or advice on what expect? I'm running progression ignition distributor so changing the timing tables is easy and quick. He stocks an...
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    Had some interesting weather last night.

    Was pressure washing a guys pool last night when the sirens went off.
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    Another New guy to the forum… but not new to 7173’s

    What did those seats come from? They look nice!
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    Sticking Caliper

    I had same issue last year on front passenger side. the SS hose had collapsed inside.
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    Steering column adjustment?

    Mine is exactly the same. Following.
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    1/4 miles times and horsepower - seeking expert opinions

    What are your shift points? Rear gears? What RPM does the car make max power? An old trick is to take Trap Speed x ET. It should be around 1320, higher means you are not making efficient use of the car's power. Traction, shift points, rear gears. Yours are all well into the 1420+ range
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    Finished my first attempt at an Epoxy pour table. Coffee table for my living room. I am happy with how it turned out. Learned a lot by making mistakes and creating extra work. I did enjoy doing it and am planning the next project. My daughter had to be the first one to put her foot on the...
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    Removed the Door Open Buzzer

    Since my daily has "Automatic" lights I was worried about that as well. So I wired my headlamps through a relay so they would not put the load on the headlight switch but also wired it to shut the lights off when the key is turned off. They still work in the on and accessory position.
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    Removed the Door Open Buzzer

    I did the exact same thing. So annoying when working on the car trying to troubleshoot something and that damn buzzer going off.
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    New member, new 71 Mustang

    Welcome from Iowa. Nice looking ride. Congrats on the purchase. The washer nozzles are available on Rock Auto and sometimes at local parts store.
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    Looking for my original '73 Mach 1

    Do you have the VIN?
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    Mint coup in my area

    scammer for sure. His only facebook friend appears to be a scammer from Argentina asking for money for a "friend with cancer". Buyer beware!