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    What's the deal with small plastic parts costing an arm and a leg?

    Do any of those parts have a Ford logo or part number molded into them? If so, Ford's licensing fees are probably contributing a significant amount to the price. There is a 1:12 scale model of the Ford GT 40 made by Trumpeter. The box that says the car is a Ford GT40 makes the price of the...
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    What's the deal with small plastic parts costing an arm and a leg?

    Every time someone says the price is "too high" means there is an opportunity for competition. The fact that there isn't anyone stepping up to provide that competition is telling.
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    What's the deal with small plastic parts costing an arm and a leg?

    Wiring is a way different animal. Wire as a commodity is relatively cheap, but wire that matches the description in the vintage wiring diagrams isn't, depending on the pattern (dots, dashes, slashes, stripes, etc.). Another complexity is connectors. Modern harnesses all use the same...
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    Parts For Sale For Sale 1971-1973 Mustang Misc. Parts

    Are these new old stock parts or are they used?
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    Lets build a Map Light!

    I would stick as close to OEM as possible - that would be a broader market I would think.
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    power window template

    Watching this...
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    A Pretty Dumb Question...

    Huh - I always unzip mine before lowering the top. It seems like the top would be able to sit lower in the well with the window unzipped.
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    My 80s Turbos

    Now there's your '80s turbo...
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    Broke yet another Throttle Cable.

    What does the cable look like at the break? Is it frayed, cut, discolored? Might give an idea as to why it is failing. It seems odd to have this happen repeatedly in the same fashion on a single car, when other cars don't have this problem.
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    You pay for insurance for a reason. File the claim. You don't have to agree to any terms in the settlement - you can just say no. But if you don't file the claim, you will never know.
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    Gone in 60 seconds? (1974 film)

    The guy whose door was taken off in the chase wasn't part of the movie...
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    1971 Seat Belt Warning light

    People who misrepresent what they have or perpetrate fraud deserve their bad reputations. People who have preserved parts for 40+ years and are representing them fairly deserve every penny they can get. They placed their bets and are now getting a payoff.
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    Rear Power Window socket wiring

    If the motors work, it's all a matter of sorting out the plumbing. Clean all connections - wire ends and switch posts. With all those splices, a multimeter is your best friend. Check continuity of everything (including the switches) first. If it all rings out, load testing is next. You...
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    Cross threaded fuel pump bolt, now what?!

    I prefer timeserts to helicoils as they are stronger and easier to install, but if there isn't much metal around the hole, a helicoil may be the best option.
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    Parts Wanted Driver's Door for 1971 Mustang

    Good reminder for everyone to revisit their insurance coverage when finishing a restoration.
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    Parts Wanted Driver's Door for 1971 Mustang

    Not sure if it matters to you, but since you are asking for an original, unmolested part, look at your old door and compare it to the passenger side. My original doors have different profiles in the lower corner on the latch end. One side is rounded more than the other. Found some other odd...
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    2nd small radiator?

    From the looks of the hose clamps, it's not for AC.
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    Our 71 Mustang

    Spreadsheets, heavy duty stackable bins with lids, sharpies, photos (before and after - and there are never enough photos), and heavy duty ziplock bags of all sizes are your friends. Take pictures before you take something apart from all angles, lay the parts out in spatial order and take more...
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    Parts For Sale NOS and used parts going to Columbus

    I would be interested in a pair of Boss 302 heads and a '71 302 sump. You wouldn't happen to be driving over on Interstate 90?
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    Our 71 Mustang

    You have a ram air hood, but from the photos, you don't have all of the ram air components - intake horns, vacuum motors, plenum, air cleaner and filter lid. Those parts are available as reproductions. Originals are getting Very Expensive.