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  1. skerwath

    What was with this Mustang? 2F05H for $88,000?

    DM me. I know a guy than can move what you need to move.
  2. skerwath

    What was with this Mustang? 2F05H for $88,000?

    NADA lists high retail at 88k. Collectible cars go with market demand. Just the fact it’s listed in the book that much almost guarantee you can trade your title to the bank for that price. Cars are only worth whatever someone is willing to pay. You can pick it apart six ways from Sunday as an...
  3. skerwath

    71 Mach1 for sale 25K

    Maybe because I didn’t feel like reposting all the hi-res photos and uselessly eating up the board’s server space. I’m just one of the billygoats standing on the bridge looking down and waiting for comments like this.
  4. skerwath

    71 Mach1 for sale 25K

  5. skerwath

    Longtime lurker, first time posting. 71 Mach 1

    She is for sale
  6. skerwath

    71 Mach1 for sale 25K

    Doctors and time are keeping me from finishing this. Needs a little sheet metal work. I have 90% of the orig parts pulled off if you want to turn it into something for Pebble Beach. If you cruze around here, you find current pics. Not much done since my last post and back surgery. Matching...
  7. skerwath

    Help needed with more problems!!

    I had a similar situation when I switched from 2bbl to a 4bbl on mine. I messed with it figured I was way smarter the the repair guy that wanted too much to fix my car. Once again, my pride pokes me with the semi-truck in the butt. Cost me some money, but the shop put a smaller cfm carb on...
  8. skerwath

    Trying hard to not make this political

    Bolivia has A LOT of Lithium, and the happen to be on this side of the planet.
  9. skerwath

    Carpet install, glue or not?

    I pulled up my original carpet in mine. It was bucked in Sep 70. There was no glue holding my carpet down. Only thing between it and the sheet metal was the cardboard back wooly insulation. Carpet was just laid in and held down by the trim pieces. Hope it helps.
  10. skerwath

    2.75 to 3.50 3rd member swop issues

    I went from 3.0 to a 3.73 posi in mine. Before you drive it, double-check your geometry. Snapping u-joints isn't fun. I got an awesome deal at Denny's Driveshafts in NY. The Currie pinion was just short enough, that when I gassed it trying to get up the driveway, "pop" and clang, clang...
  11. skerwath

    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    Not gonna lie. I got a little mahogany looking at your pictures. She looks amazing!
  12. skerwath

    Time to Finish the Interior Properly…

    Yeah, I've noticed that a lot with the younger generation. They view each single point of service as an opportunity to strike it rich. They have little regard for future business or repeat business. I guess they have all gotten so big they can say eff you to the little guys like us.
  13. skerwath

    Time to Finish the Interior Properly…

    "Our current lead time is approximately 4-5 months from the time we receive your parts. Here is an approximate cost of your restoration: $450 Plastic Rear Panel (each) $250-$300 Color Matching & Painting *No extra charge for black + Shipping" That's the e-mail from the Van Nuys guys. I...
  14. skerwath

    Time to Finish the Interior Properly…

    I just sent off for a quote to redo mine.
  15. skerwath

    Longtime lurker, first time posting. 71 Mach 1

    You know, I used to live in San Antone and worked for McManus.
  16. skerwath

    71-73 Mustang Parts

    I saw those rear trim panels and almost fainted. Are they repos? I heard there were issues with them lining up completely. I have a fastback, no no help there. Mine are intact but heavily scored from perhaps a large dog that rode in the back seat. I need to refurb or replace them. If they...
  17. skerwath

    What did you do to your car today?

    Looks good!
  18. skerwath

    What did you do to your car today?

    Got the seat ped out. Hidden spot welds...... I already had the rear pan, but the front has a few holes too. Since CJ is outa stock at the moment for the front, should I just do a one piece ore two? I cleaned up the surface rust under the pedestal, little granular shit left that a bath of...
  19. skerwath

    Hello from Colorado Springs-1972 Mach 1

    Welcome from Texas.  Sweet looking ride!