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    Rear seat trim woes.

    Thanks so much Hemikiller. Mine is by VIN a 72 however it was made prior to 12-1-71 so that answers the question. Pity the supplier didn't specify this so now I'm going to try to get it altered locally as shipping it back and forth to the supplier is not cost effective. Thanks again and this...
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    Rear seat trim woes.

    Haven't posted anything for a long time but still enjoy lurking. Now I need some help with rear seat information. I ordered a full upholstery set from the supposed Ford approved supplier who will not be mentioned yet. Firstly they have made one of the front seat covers wrong which there is no...
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    More Progress

    Haven't posted for a while but just saw this - great job and sure feels great when done! Yes those window trims sound crap. Even the OEM ones have to be careful not to chip the shiny new paint like I did doh! Should have mine back on the road this weekend after 6 months off road will be a good...
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    73 Mach1 Project

    Starting to come together and engine bay looking sharp Luckily mine had the rear indicators done in amber, not sure if lenses were custom cut or purchase somewhere? If you like I can have a closer look and see if any part number and/or brand on them. I just changed the wiring and bulb sockets...
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    Hello from Atlanta GA!

    Welcome from Western Australia Nice looking vehicle especially the color! As Kilgon says best to use a good paint stripper then clean up with a sander but don't spend too much time with a coarse grit sandpaper in one area as not only will you create heat potentially warping the metal you will...
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    1972 Mach 1 Restoration, Where to start?

    Great that you have taken the decision to get her back up and running. As you say check all the simple stuff. Does it turn over easily? Bores could be rusted so maybe spray a bit of WD40 down the spark plug holes to help loosen it up a little. If it was running well before it was parked up so...
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    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    Good to see you back! Now you need to show us your progress/updates when back to it Maybe just some info on how the 73 is going?
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    Hello from Germany

    Welcome from Australia
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    Hello from Australia

    Welcome from Western Oz Nice ride and color What part of this island are you at?
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    Restoring Dads 1972 Mustang Mach 1

    Welcome from Australia Nice ride and enjoy the TCP products
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    running Ram air scoops always open?

    I cut the blanks out and put in a grille, no problems and no overheating issues, just crank issues LOL Our XB falcons use an open scoop from factory, hood locks or not - see pic below Don't care if it helps or hinders, I just like the cooler air for the intake
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    Bad news for the Mach 1

    Sounds like a reasonable outcome and your insurance was able to fudge the numbers once you gave them the necessary push So many people just take what they're given without question and insurance companies know this well Can understand your hesitation to repair if can't insure for an agreed...
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    Cowl repair suggestions?

    Yes certainly for all the seams but I meant above the seams and a big enough bead to divert rain water away This would only be feasible if you have removed the top half of the cowl panel or at least a good part of it though
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    Cowl repair suggestions?

    Either way you go about it I would run a bead of silicone around the hat area to prevent water pooling in the trough If you patch it I would use a POR15 or similar product on your remaining metal as from your photos it is pitted with rust I replaced my entire cowl with the repop item but still...
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    Fuel Tank Cleaning

    I used a repair kit from KBS Coatings and did a great job. Similar to POR15 fuel tank repair but much cheaper. Here is a link - You can buy this from in Auckland
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    C6 ruined by 393C

    Sorry to hear of your problem. One which I have gone through before and currently now for the second time. As others have stated it is probably trans/converter related although don't rule out the engine yet Important that the trans is flush with the block before tightening bolts and you have...
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    Bad news for the Mach 1

    Pity they can't repair it but at least you get it back with all the goodies along with $29K to put into the next one or repair this one As you say best just to let it sink in for a bit Hope it turns out for the best
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    Engine blues again!

    c9zxOz, I have contacted a friend in Australia who has great knowledge and experience with these engines. Hopefully you will hear from him. If you do, carefully consider what he tells you. I know it sucks right now. I felt the same way when I had 8 Scat I beam rods go out of round on the Dyno...
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    Engine blues again!

    G'day everyone I have been away for a while enjoying driving my 72 coupe even entered a few car shows with plenty of interest in the only 7173 in attendance As some of you may remember I had some issues with my stroker engine last year in which it prematurely retired due to thrust failure...
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    Bad news for the Mach 1

    So sorry to just see this post Kevin I haven't been on the forum for a while now and decided to check in just now with this the first post I read, not good As for what to do only you can decide and would be best to first negotiate with your insurance company and try to get it repaired which...