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  1. vamach1

    Sold 1972 Sprint Convertible - 2F03F184260 - SOLD!!

    It found a new owner this week for less less than the BJ price. I guess the seller just did not appreciate these cars.
  2. vamach1

    How do you total a Sprint in restoration? Here are the production numbers. 298 Q code sportsroofs and 90 Q code coupes. None came with ram air or a NACA hood.
  3. vamach1

    New website to register you 1972 Sprint

    Not planning to have a for sale section unless it is limited to registered owners. There seems to be a lot of scammers online these days.
  4. vamach1

    New website to register you 1972 Sprint

    Jon Hawayek has created a new website for the 1972 sprints. It is Please check it out and if you have a sprint please register yours. There is a forum section also and some original Ford photos and information. There is no option to register a...
  5. vamach1

    Sold 1972 Sprint Convertible - 2F03F184260 - SOLD!!

    It was sold again. This time at the Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm FL a week ago. Despite the previous owner having spent $$$ on new paint, wheels and tires, adding dual exhaust and significant engine mods, it sold for a whopping $29,000 plus the 10% buyers fees. I think we all know who...
  6. vamach1

    The other 72 Sprint conv in Florida - 2F03F184300

    You can search any FL VIN at It’s not some scam service. It will not give you owner info but it will tell you when it was last titled in the state and when the tags expire.
  7. vamach1

    Latest sprint convertible to be restored

    Bill still has the sprint. I guess my grammar was not the best in the original post. It should have said The latest sprint convertible that has been restored. I thought it was obvious from the Mustang Monthly story that it was recently restored I did not include the March 2018 article.
  8. vamach1

    The other 72 Sprint conv in Florida - 2F03F184300

    It was a no sale at Mecum Kissimmee 2016. I’m still waiting to hear back from an owner if he sold it or still has the car.
  9. vamach1

    Die Cast Model

    The decals are from Keith Marks - search mofobow on Fotki. The ”flat” hood was cut out of a Johan funny car kit. The rest is combining parts from the MPC and AMT 71-72 Mustang kits.
  10. vamach1

    Die Cast Model

    I built my own in 1/25 scale.
  11. vamach1

    The other 72 Sprint conv in Florida - 2F03F184300

    Anone know who owns it now? It shows it was registered in FL in 2016 and was a high bid of $17,000 at Mecum Kissimmee in 2016. I recall speaking to the person who bought it from Ralph Gissal and made the “changes” but do not have his contact information.
  12. vamach1

    Pictures of my 72 Mach1 around Miami FL

    I’ve owned this 72 Mach1 since August of 1981. It was exported to France by the original purchaser and brought back to the USA and I saw it advertised for sale in he Washington Post newspaper.
  13. vamach1

    72 sprint conv up for sale soon - 2F03F184285

    This is what the car looked like in 1985. If you read the hand written note from Tom P it all makes sense how in looked in 2014.
  14. vamach1

    72 Sprint Convertible on Ebay #300

    Anyone know who’s ended up buying this car or who owns it now? I assume it is still in Florida. It was purchased back in 2016 from a long time owner and the new owner added the NACA hood and wheels and then tried selling it on Ebay at a Mecum auction.
  15. vamach1

    Found a sprint conv that may be for sale in FL - 2F03F184256

    I forgot all about this car. I may have to go check to see if it is still there although that was a long time ago. Who would have thought it would be so hard to keep track of just 50 cars.
  16. vamach1

    72 sprint conv up for sale soon - 2F03F184285

    I’ve been away from this site for a very long time and re-reading this thread I remember why. Anyway, I still have my 72 Mach1 but not my 72 sprint convertible #283 that is owned by Mike Berardi in Michigan. The web admin for is awol but I did create a Facebook page that...
  17. vamach1

    72 Sprint coupe Maryland for sale Maryland

    Pretty rough body/paint for $10K Maybe there will be a half-off sale in 2017.
  18. vamach1

    Amsoil Mustang Latest on the '72

    You can buy it on Ebay - only five days left to bid.
  19. vamach1

    1971 Mach 1

    That is an H code so doubtful it was an original four speed car.