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  1. jdomke1

    Mustang Parts supplier

    CJ for everyday items and the rest for hard to find or OEM spec
  2. jdomke1

    Anyone know a good reliable transporter company?

    Can you give a quote? My 90 Bronco was $1560 California to Detroit. Based on weight, it’s about the same for my ‘72 Mustang. That’s an open carrier. For a truck with faded paint, I didn’t mind the great outdoors for her.
  3. jdomke1

    ‘72 Mustang Coupe Project Car

    I’ve got a ‘72 project car up on eBay Motors. Full details and pictures there. 3 days left on it. Reserve is $5k. It’s valued at $6300. Between cost to buy and all the work I put into it, it has cost me $5.
  4. jdomke1

    351C air cleaners, valve covers, emissions valve, carb. core, 73 flex snorkel hose

    I’d like the nicer valve covers. I’ve got a ‘71 boss 351 they should fit nicely on.
  5. jdomke1

    Anyone know a good reliable transporter company?

    I may have gotten lucky. I used a broker to move Bronco from California to Detroit. The carrier arrived Thursday night at my house in California and called me that Sunday night to say they were delivering the next morning. The driver arrived Sunday night and wanted to sleep and I was totally...
  6. jdomke1

    Deluxe seat belts, seat parts and more interior parts

    Looking for drivers seat bottom and back. PM if available. Thank you.
  7. jdomke1

    3 point seat belts

    I guess I’m just missing the spring part. The loop is very stretched out so I’m just letting them hang. Thank you.
  8. jdomke1

    351 engine tear down

    There are some good books dedicated to rebuilding a 351C. I mostly use as a reference for high end options I’m thinking about. Pros, cons, etc. But still decent details of the process.
  9. jdomke1

    3 point seat belts

    I can’t figure how to get the stupid belts to hang above the door. Mines a std Mach 1. I’m thinking of just saying no. Put in seats with 3 or 5 point harnessed.
  10. jdomke1

    71 Mach 1 paint color choice help

    That’s how Wimbledon White should look.
  11. jdomke1

    71 Mach 1 paint color choice help

    Mine was Wimbledon white from the factory. I just can’t make sense of a Mach 1 in white. It’s going over to Grabber Blue. A picture of the VIN, how it looks now in primer, and how it will end up.
  12. jdomke1

    73 Carb issues $V

    4300D’s are temperamental. Like Hemikiller noted, the best know rebuilders are gone. There are still some good kits. Mike’s Carburetor Parts is a great source with very detailed rebuilding instructions. New float needed with todays fuel. Walker makes a great kit. These are complicated carbs that...
  13. jdomke1

    Sherman vs Dynacorn Hood?

    Mine was great. I got the one with hood pins and NASA inlets. I bought it on eBay new because it was the best price shipped. It came on a freight truck with no lift gate so be prepared with another person to get down and move. It’s not just heavy, it’s a huge box. Strapped down to a pallet the...
  14. jdomke1

    Best place to buy a radiator

    Any possibility these can be found in junk yards?
  15. jdomke1

    This is getting a little out of hand....

    I’ve got a set of 4. I didn’t realize they were so desirable. I’m switching to Mag 500’s. Mine are 14”.
  16. jdomke1

    Motorcraft D1ZF-ZA?

    Interesting. The Z’s are suspicious but perhaps a clone.
  17. jdomke1

    WTB: Ohio: 71 Mach 1 re: Carb, Distributor, Steelies, Hub caps

    What’s wrong with your hood? It looks like the one you were looking for in the first post.
  18. jdomke1

    Dash rehab questions need sample pictures

    They painted too much chrome. It’s supposed to be just the top of edge and not the sides of the edge. It does look good but Ribbs is more accurate.