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  1. Fraz2112


    73 Q 351CJ 1st car I ever bought in 1980. Fresh engine Fresh interior New paint coming when I retire in 2 years.
  2. Fraz2112

    Positive feedback for midlife

    Midlife changed my life. I’d ask the boys if they wanted to take a cruse in the Mach. Heck yeah even though we’d have to push it home everytime. Lol. After Midlife we could drive home. Thank you so much.
  3. Fraz2112

    various parts.

    Do you have the trim pieces that go in front of the sail panel for a 73?
  4. Fraz2112

    various parts.

    I have 2 seats with tracks but will need new covers. also original seat belts.
  5. Fraz2112

    LS swap?

  6. Fraz2112

    fuel gauge

    HELP, Please.  So I had my wiring harness rebuilt,(thank you midlife) everything works except my fuel gauge and it worked before so thinking it's not the sending unit,. I tried 4 diffrent things the 9v plugs into but the gauge goes to full then back to empty. 11 ohms on the gauge, 15 on the...
  7. Fraz2112

    Scott Drake turn signal switch

    What? lol Please help You wrote... As for the possible 'column shifter' issue, as you put it: there is a collar on the column that has a connector to transmission linkage at the firewall end of the column. That works with the shifter to prevent either the steering wheel or the key cylinder...
  8. Fraz2112

    New Member from FL

    Welcome from Kansas
  9. Fraz2112

    What did you do to your car today?

    I had the same issues with my March. Thought it would be a 1 evening ordeal. 2 weeks but worth it.
  10. Fraz2112

    What did you do to your car today?

    Decided my bad boy has suffered long enough doing without. I'm a single Dad raising 2 boyz so my 73 Mach gets the back burner as far as attention and money but I decided to spend $5000 on it. It will be fun shopping. Clutch and brake booster and more soundproofing definitely on the list...
  11. Fraz2112

    new member

    Welcome from Kansas
  12. Fraz2112

    Scott Drake turn signal switch

    so....Update. It's not a good idea to make a spacer to hold the turn signal switch "out". Just sayin.
  13. Fraz2112

    turn signal sw replacement

    The pin has a tiny spring underneath it, Be careful. There should be a slot in the hub that your steering wheel bolts onto. The pin lines up with the slot for canceling your turn signal. I did drop the column down a bit for a better view. Just 4 nuts. Also make sure you emergency flasher button...
  14. Fraz2112

    Scott Drake turn signal switch

    NO, This actually helps A LOT. It's not tilt steering but also not a Mustang column. If it's not in the park position the key won't turn. The whole thing is sketching me out as it's my steering. I'll replace it as soon as I find one, hopefully this weekend. Thank you so so much for the input. I...
  15. Fraz2112

    Scott Drake turn signal switch

    AH HAAA,AH HAAA Now we're getting somewhere yes. I looked on the column and it's stamped 72. I have no idea what it's out of. It's definately a column shift column. SOOOO,,,, I made a teflon bushing that goes behind the turn signal switch to hold it "out". Probably not a good idea but its...
  16. Fraz2112

    Scott Drake turn signal switch

    So I bought a new turn signal switch but when I put it in and screwed it down with the 3 screws it makes the emergency flasher button bottom out so hard the flasher button won't move. It bottoms out in the groove. This column use to be a automatic with column shift it looks like. Plus it don't...
  17. Fraz2112

    please help/seat belts

    Ok not funny anymore. I do not know where my front seatbelt bolts up. Silly I know but there's not a lot of info on this. 73 fastback. I got the retractable side but the short belt that bolts to the inside. I tore out a buttload of soundproofing, no luck. I also replaced the floorpans so...
  18. Fraz2112

    Cooper Cobra or BFgoodrich ?

    Sand them. They are white all the way to the tire. like a 400 grit.