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  1. Scubaman

    Correct radio for '73 Convertible?

    Found out a lot about this. Thanks to forum. Your Marti report will list what was in your car originally. Then identify part number and look for one with 71 or 72 or 73 in the part number.
  2. Scubaman

    Thanks to Marks1

    Oh before photo similar angle
  3. Scubaman

    Thanks to Marks1

    Thanks yo Marks1. Last year he sold me a deluxe rear bumper and shipped it to me here in Florida. He is restoring a 72 vert, I have a 73 that I have owned for 20 years. My car originally came with a deluxe bumper (Marti) but when she was restored 20 years ago the old rusted bumper was...
  4. Scubaman

    Sold 73 air cleaner ductwork

    Is this part air cleaners still available? Stan watson
  5. Scubaman

    How do I deal with this?

    When changing the battery I found this on the battery tray. Looks like some acid and some surface rust. Tray seems very solid. I have baking soda, wire brushes, sand paper, rust neutralizer, black paint, etc. What do I use first? Flat black or gloss paint. Order engine compartment paint...
  6. Scubaman

    Chrome Bumper?

    Does anyone know of a shop in the Tampa Florida area that can re-chrome a rear bumper? Thanks Stan
  7. Scubaman

    351 Cleveland running hot at idle.

    Thank you for these suggestions. The engine, radiator, water pump, are all stock 351 cleveland 4 barrel and in 18 years has never run hot. Only after taking the car to have 18 year old hoses replaced (just the thing to do) it started. I am going to start with replacing the coolant and a new...
  8. Scubaman

    Rear deluxe bumper guards need new rubber?

    Thanks if you have some that would be great. Call or txt or email if easier. Stan 727-798-4221 [email protected]
  9. Scubaman

    Rear deluxe bumper guards need new rubber?

    Thanks mark, PoFoMoCo, secluff, I will check with fin @ oms. Where do u get bumpers re-chromed?
  10. Scubaman

    Rear deluxe bumper guards need new rubber?

    I'm replacing the reproduction rear bumper on my 1973 convertible with a correct deluxe bumper ( Thanks Mark). Does anyone sell the replacement rubber for the upright guards. NPD has the rubber trim for the center and curved sides, but I cannot find a part number for the upright guards. Any...
  11. Scubaman

    Is this a good deal?

    Saw this Dynacorn plenum on ebay. for $190. Seller has 100% rating with 92,000 transactions. Is this same one sold at NPD? Good deal or not?
  12. Scubaman

    Door panel holes not lining up?

    On my ‘73 convertible I’m having problems attaching a reproduction door panel. The holes in the panel do not line up with the holes in the door by 1-1.5 inches. Ordered door panel clips from NPD and they are too short. They are L clips and they fit into the holes fine but are not long enough...
  13. Scubaman

    Ram Air parts list?

    Do I’m getting ready to start ordering the parts to add ram air to my 1973 “Q” 351 Cleveland that was restored about 20 years ago. Appreciate any advice. The 351 Cleveland originally came with a motorcraft 4 barrel carb. I had it rebuilt and still have it in a box. See pics. Replaced it with...
  14. Scubaman

    ‘73 Convertible Marti Arrived Today

    Mike. You can get an idea of what a red/argent looks like. Owned mine for 20 years here in pinellas county Florida. Mine originally white exterior so color changed like yours. Let me know if you want to compare ideas on upgrade projects, good mechanics etc… [email protected]
  15. Scubaman

    Selling Original Paint 73 Q code Convertible originally optioned like a Mach 1

    Richmond. I may be interested. [email protected] email me we can exchange phone #s. Live in Florida
  16. Scubaman

    New Member from Trinity Fla

    Yes cars & coffee at Innsbrook. Great venue😎
  17. Scubaman

    New Member from Trinity Fla

    Yes Mike. Innisbrook. Great venue.
  18. Scubaman

    My Old 1973 Mach 1 is now in New Zealand!

    Steve. How did you track it down. Allison and I have been looking for my ‘73 green Mach. Very similar to yours but with a green vinyl top. Love to find her.
  19. Scubaman

    New Member from Trinity Fla

    Hey Mike and welcome. I live in palm harbor. Also with a red ‘73 convertible. Stan
  20. Scubaman

    Reduced Voltage to clock?

    How do we replace or repair our clocks. Can we send it somewhere for repair? Does anyone sell a oem like replacement? Not cheap led