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  1. 73StangJK

    What did you do to your car today?

    Dang I was worried you would say that
  2. 73StangJK

    What did you do to your car today?

    Removed the Stang's old gas tank. It started leaking last month. Draining it was scary. So is all the rust that's in it. I'll have to get back out there tomorrow. Do y'all think I should change out my fuel line too?
  3. 73StangJK

    New to me 73 Conv H code

    Welcome to the family! You are going to have a lot of fun with your vert. :)
  4. 73StangJK

    What did you do to your car today?

    Anyone remember Mustang Depot? Eons ago we got to go out and meet the owner who I'd chatted with a lot on the Stangnet forum. It was right cool.
  5. 73StangJK

    In Search Of... Gas Tank for 73 Conv

    Howdy Y'all, I need a new gas tank since after 8 years of little use the one in my 73 Stang developed a leak. I was stupid and so not know how many gallons of weirdness are in that old tank. I see a few different sources for new gas tanks for our year mustangs with a price range from $165 to...
  6. 73StangJK

    Honda EV concept looks sort of Bignosed…

    Who knows what Honda is doing but I liked that concept reminds me of my beloved. :)
  7. 73StangJK

    Game Changing Brake Development from Brembo

    Check this out! "The ideal way to stop a vehicle is to apply the precise brake pressure at each corner to hold each tire at its optimum point of grip. Anti-lock-braking systems that adjust pressure at each corner have been on vehicles starting roughly three decades ago, and they have continued...
  8. 73StangJK

    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?
  9. 73StangJK

    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    My wife shared this article with me. The shop owner wants the automakers seriously involved with EV conversions. From my decades of wrenching and mustang forum membership I know that together our community could develop a solid functional EV conversion kit for just any any Ford mustang. There...
  10. 73StangJK

    Article on why our cars are green

    I'm not that much of a dare devil any more. I have wondered if my 73 Mustang Convertible could be safer for my children to ride in or someday drive every day as I once did. There was a time when I worried that the person behind me wouldn't be able to break as fast as I could in an emergancy...
  11. 73StangJK

    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    I am very interested in retrofitting an electric motor into my 73 Mustang Convertible. I am currently on my 5th engine, a 351W, and have personally driven over 170,000 miles in my mustang. :) I have always been about power and efficiency and you simply can not beat an electric motor as long as...
  12. 73StangJK

    Restomod opinion desired - Ram Air on a 73 vert - Nasa Hood or shaker?

    I went with a fiberglass 71 - 73 Mustang Mach-1 hood from I basically rivet and gorilla glued on some brackets so that I could use my existing hood hinges with lighter springs. It's been on the car and holding without issue for over a decade now. Wild to think I painted...
  13. 73StangJK

    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    I have been just keeping an eye on the developing EV conversion market and what products are offered to retrofit an electrified drive train into something like my 73 Mustang Convertible. The Ford and GM eCrate motors are cool but for a big chunk o cash around $4000 and do not include the battery...
  14. 73StangJK

    Transmission cooler lines

    Mine were runner and always leaked
  15. 73StangJK

    Which Mustang Suppliers?

    You are correct. That was not an option available from the factory. It's a combination of the high back seats and the height of the rear quarter panel thingy. lol
  16. 73StangJK

    Which Mustang Suppliers?

    Howdy Everyone, I'm looking to get new carpets and shoulder belts for my 73 convertible. We had a rat running around in my Stang for a while which is wild. At least she didn't wreck it. :) Which suppliers have you had good success with and who has the best quality carpets? I think back in the...
  17. 73StangJK

    What did you do to your car today?

    This is a great idea and solid execution!
  18. 73StangJK

    What did you do to your car today?

    Today I searched for more parts and made plans for getting the Stang back on the road. One of my least favorite things is the rig job I had to do to make the power steering pump work on my 351w coming from my 302w engine way back when I did the swap. It does work, but I recently saw a video...
  19. 73StangJK

    What Powertrain for My 73 Mustang Convertible?

    You all need to move to Lubbock Texas. I could take apart and put a 71-73 Mustang back together in my sleep. It's like I've been there done that and this too. My brothers grew up and I had kids and the Mustang has been sitting for about 5 years now with gas I need to drain out of it. lol But, I...
  20. 73StangJK

    What Powertrain for My 73 Mustang Convertible?

    *Throws together a loud-a sound system and plays V8 Sounds of Nascar in 4 cylinder powered Mustang* I mean yeah the sound of a roaring V8 make me just happy, but does it make me as happy as actually just driving the Stang listening to...