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  1. DAverkamp

    1973 Special Paint Q 4sp. Convertible Project on Ebay

    I don’t mean to be Dougie downer here, but I don’t get what this “colorful thread” is all about on this rat trap, and it is definitely not a “head turner” as described in their ad. I wish my ‘72 ragtop had a “rollbar” option (NOT) and I also wish the Beverly Hillbilly Car Club owner would show...
  2. DAverkamp

    '73 Ford Ranchero 500 351C 5.8L 2B V8 HARMONIC BALANCER BROKE

    From my experience last year when my FT cam wiped out it took out the damper from our theory. It seems illogical that the damper separation would have washed out the cam lobe. As HK asked, we need to imagine you replaced it and reset your timing. Here’s a pic of what it looked like when it...
  3. DAverkamp

    Guess the weight

    Thanks HK. Interesting data, and I would have guessed the factory ragtops would be lighter without knowing all the undercarriage supports/torque box differences to stiffen them up without the hardtop before aftermarket SF connectors were added. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. DAverkamp

    Did you know...

    Have we really dissipated all of the energy still stored in our members capacity without having a last chance to continue to probe into this?
  5. DAverkamp

    Did you know...

    It seems like every time Midlife gets on here to make a connection, the sparks start to fly!
  6. DAverkamp

    Carrying on a tradition.

    Welcome from WI. Thats a great story and it looks like you’re well on your way to keeping his legacy running strong!
  7. DAverkamp

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    I put a rack of BB’s and some country styles on the Traeger and had a 3/2/1 window to drive around Lake Geneva to sidewalk shop and avoid all the IL drivers driving lost and stopped into a nice little pop shop to meet some more of our kind of peeps.
  8. DAverkamp

    Installing Subframe Connectors with 2 Post Lift

    IMO, the only way to do it correctly is to stitch/tack weld them in with the sprung weight on all four corners. Pre-fit/mock them up on the lift, but final welding should be done with SW as I mentioned earlier IMO
  9. DAverkamp

    The difference between Stang and Vette owner brains!

    “Look at me!” Yup, look at you. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. DAverkamp

    Tuning my new Holley

    Its brand new from when my previous FT cam washed out.
  11. DAverkamp

    best correct windshield wiper blades

    Those are what I use and don’t “schedule” driving in the rain as well. I do however apply rain-ex once a month for the “just in case” here in SE WI so the trick is to drive just fast enough for beading while the TA’s stay planted firmly. The top goes up if speed can’t be maintained safely...
  12. DAverkamp

    Tuning my new Holley

    I would appreciate that!
  13. DAverkamp

    Tuning my new Holley

    Well guys and girls, I decided against EFI and put on a new Holley SA 670 Ultra spec’d for the Clev and at first we thought we had it made at start up, responsive at throttle crack, sounded crisper, went thru all timing, adjustments, no vacuum leaks, but once it got up to op temp, the hesitation...
  14. DAverkamp

    Don't be this person...Get Help!

    I don’t know that plate’s origin but a WAG may be that the owner is a “dreamer” dreaming the 🇺🇸 dream located somewhere south of 🇺🇸 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. DAverkamp

    FE stuff

    I love seeing these stacked beautiful headlighters still roaming the streets and looking prettier than the 65-7 goats IMO.
  16. DAverkamp

    FE stuff

    She’s a real classy beauty! Good on you for keeping her with us. 👌🏻
  17. DAverkamp

    Help! door windows rattle when down.

    To get you by while you get your parts and time to change, you can enjoy your driving experience rolling them up “a touch” above the trim line to avoid the rattle.
  18. DAverkamp

    USMC Humor

    The only thing missing in that joke is that he pulled out a blonde crayon from the pack in his chest pocket, started chewing it, and then fired for effect! Follow Me. 4th ID!
  19. DAverkamp

    Squirrel Problem

    “Bounce” sheets in the car, a Bloodhound to keep the tree rats nervous, and a accurate pellet pistol to keep the neighbors (and wife) unaware of schwacking insurgents…