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  1. J

    Convertible Seat Platform Bolts

    The stud screws into a threaded piece on the base, you can drill a hole and use a nutsert.
  2. J

    Freight Delivery Protocol

    Thanks Rick for that post
  3. J

    73 H Code Convertible Project

    That car looks familiar, does it have MCA shows history?
  4. J

    Can coupe upholstery be used on a Convertible

    Yes, but you will have to rework the rear seat bottom upholstery, the front edge of the coupe seat is 5"wider than the convertible, it's not difficult if you have a sewing machine. Front seats are the same in comfortweave fabric. I don't believe flat vinyl was available in a convertible, it's my...
  5. J

    Source for 71 fastback door window guides?

    When I did mine +15 yes ago, I couldn't find the wide ones, I had to improvise. Mounted two sets of the thinner ones that supported the glass exterior. I believe I had to mount the lower one to a piece of new metal 3"x30" to get it in the correct position.
  6. J

    Rear bumper question

    Trailer hitch,
  7. J

    Iso body side mouldings 72 Grande

    Are you talking about the vinyl top trim.
  8. J

    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?

    I believe that each year is based on the previous years Shelby. The 71 looks much like 69-70 Shelby. 69 mustang looked like 68 Shelby,
  9. J

    Drop off holes. WHY?

    There are typically gutters under the back window that channel water to the edge then drain into the wheel wells. So if you have them, your WW's would fill with water.
  10. J

    Under Engine Crossmember Replacement?

    They are not numbered, if you are trying to purchase one, better to use the other nomenclature.
  11. J

    1973 Mach 1 Headlight Bezel

    I have a couple new old stock, but both for the same side. 150$ each plus ride.
  12. J

    New Owner of a 73' convertible

    Welcome, I've had my 73 302 for 40+years, I added a 3:56 rear axle gear about 20 years ago. Other than that it's stock. That single change has made it a completely different experience. It  feels like a rocket compared to its former life. I highly recommend this change. 
  13. J

    Help with Convertible

    Can you post a picture of your battery/solenoid area, maybe it's a noticeable problem. 
  14. J

    1971-1973 Ram Air Base

    They did repo this for awhile, I would think it is still available
  15. J

    Lower Trunk Corner Rebuild Dynacorn

    I would at least 1/2" of that vertical side. If you cut off the vertical side, the corner splice joint will require a lot of work to get it right. Other than that, you use only the sections of the patch that you require to fix yours. Usually the minimum cutting out is best, but I usually pick my...
  16. J

    AC condenser

    Got mine from NPD a few years ago.It was perfect.
  17. J

    Deluxe Door Panels and Door Pulls

    I used mustang market panels twice with very good results. You can spray dye the pulls if prepped correctly.
  18. J

    Convertible Top Handle Replacement

    from a 65 quarter window.
  19. J

    Convertible Top Handle Replacement

    Maybe a rivet from a window roller on a 65 will work.