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  1. Stevieray

    Boss 351 carburetor

    I used a Walker kit to overhaul my original 4300D several years ago following engine overhaul for the first time. My carb had a plated restoration by Pony Carbs years ago when Jon was still with us. I found his modifications he had made to improve performance. I still run my 4300D but it leaves...
  2. Stevieray

    New owner, new to forum

    Welcome from SW Louisiana!
  3. Stevieray

    Hello from NC

    Welcome from SW Louisiana. My vote is to restore😎
  4. Stevieray

    1973 Mach1 project

    Welcome from SW Louisiana. Nothing like an old Mustang requiring some love. Appears to be a nice project. Be sure to post lots of your progress pics.
  5. Stevieray

    hey there from South Carolina!!

    Welcome from SW Louisiana.
  6. Stevieray


    Welcome from SW Louisiana.
  7. Stevieray

    Glamor shots of the Rickster

    Sweet looking ride. Love that dark green!
  8. Stevieray

    Motor and Trans Installation

    I installed my engine and manual transmission as a unit. I had the front bumper off, front wheels up a couple of inches and rear jacked up. Key to a good installation is go slow and have a helping hand if at all possible. Number one priority is safety.….as mentioned by several others.
  9. Stevieray

    New Guy...

    Welcome from SW Louisiana.
  10. Stevieray

    Hello From KY. New site supporting member

    Welcome from SW Louisiana. Nice looking stang.
  11. Stevieray

    Feedback on Boss i'm interested in

    Looking over the pics and documentation, the Boss appears to be legit. In saying that…..I‘m a bit concerned over the quality of restoration. The steering column finish condition is mentioned by another member. I have some concern over the engine compartment pictures. I pulled my drivetrain out...
  12. Stevieray

    How do I time this thing?

    How old is your dampener? I never trust vintage unless it is newly rebuilt. Damper Doctor in CA does a fantastic job. They did both my b1 and b2. Prior to the rebuilds, I always timed by vacuum. Jon with Pony Carburetor’s put out a step by step method. Solved a lot of my issues following carb...
  13. Stevieray

    Air compressor…… needed.

    I’m a Quincy dude. I’ve owned a horizontal 30 gal two-stg for years. Changed the head gasket once. I’ve just purchased a 80 gal vertical 5 hp unit as an add-on when requiring heavy demand. I researched the IR units prior to purchase. They are also top of the line.
  14. Stevieray

    New Member from Columbus

    Nice looking stang. And welcome from Louisiana. Picked up my latest David Kee toploader rebuilt last week. The guy never disappoints.
  15. Stevieray

    Best Oil

    I ran Mobil 10w40 with a zinc additive for years in the B1 and B2. The bearings on both engine looked great at teardown. The B1 a couple of years ago and the B2 just recently. Since the B1 O/H I am now running Amsoil 10w40 that has the zinc in it. I used the 30wt Amsoil break-in oil during...
  16. Stevieray

    Motorcraft FL 1A oil filter cut apart

    I use my aviation cutter made by Air Wolf. I cut open all of my filters during each oil change. It’s probably 25 years old and still does a good job. The aviation filters are much heavier built so if you spend the bucks it will be the last you ever purchase. Not sure what they cost now days. But...
  17. Stevieray

    I am New to your site. But here is my mustang

    Welcome to the group. You have taken on the job that I keep putting off. Maybe now I will be motivated……Steve
  18. Stevieray

    Exhaust bolt help needed, please!

    Patience is the key. I like to start with Kroil and in worst case will go with mouse oil. You have to be careful when you use heat that you don’t over do it. I managed to remove all of the B1 and recently the B2 bolts with out any breakage. But both engines were on the stand and I could rotate...
  19. Stevieray

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome from SW Louisiana. Best of luck on your rebuild.
  20. Stevieray

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello from SW Louisiana. Nice looking Stang!