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    NSS related question

    Do they sell a neutral safety switch specifically for the 71 C6 trans? I see them listed for 72, 73 or C6 for some other vehicle i.e. bronco. Can these be used? Mine has one cable with a 4 connector end.
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    LED Headlights - opinion

    Have not seen these before but was wondering if anyone else is familiar with them or have them installed. I like that they are direct plug in with no adapters to fit classic cars. Dont know if they are a new product or been around a while. The price is kind of high but they will most likely last...
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    Tire prices - comment

    On my 71 Mach1, I currently have the period correct polyglas tires, F60-15. They are about 10 years old so I was checking around for replacements, either polylgas again or radial BFG's. Lucas Tire F60-15 is $360 and Coker Firestone retro look radial (FR60-15) is $400. BFG's (235/60-15) are $187...
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    follow thread related

    The previous software had a feature to watch/follow a particular thread. As I recall, the watched threads would then appear in a drop down in the upper right. I see the ability to watch a thread listed at the bottom but do not see previously watched threads before the software upgrade. Does...
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    tire rim related question

    Currently on the car are polyglas F60-15 lettered tires. When I eventually get new tires, I would like to use one of the existing tires as a spare. What rim specs should I be searching for? Not looking for a custom magnum 500 rim. Anything more than basic steel rim, size 15"x7",  bolt pattern...
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    steering wheel / pitman arm centering

    I had my steering box rebuilt last year. After reinstalling everything, I noticed the steering wheel is off center slightly. I have read other related posts on here and have rechecked things but still have one question. Right now, steering wheel to shaft marks are aligned, rag joint is keyed...
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    Boss 351 opinions

    I'm not currently looking for a car but check dealer inventories on occasion. Here is a Boss 351 that seems nice and the price is lower than the $70-80k, others I've seen. As far as detailing and an AACA winner, I dont notice any decals under the hood. Probably other little things, I'm missing...
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    what is this object?

    I reached under the car the other day with the borescope I bought recently to see if I could get a picture of a previously seen VIN on the back of the engine. I take the picture and when looking at it I see some object in the background. Its kind of difficult to get oriented when looking at the...
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    new tool opinion

    Recently read on here about people using a borescope to look at things otherwise normally hard to see. I bought this from amazon and it seems reasonably priced or cheaper as compared to others for sale. It connects to your phone (depending on type) and works pretty good actually. I can see where...
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    car for sale

    Car for sale for someone with extra money floating around! Be interesting to hear peoples thoughts.
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    adding fuel filter

    On my 71, 351c 4v Mach1, I currently have a fuel filter between the tank and pump. I'd like to add one from the pump to the carb. I believe my holley 4160 carb has a 9/16-24 inlet thread but the common screw in filters I see ( for ex NPD 9155-5 ) are for 7/8-20. So, is there an adapter between...
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    part number needed

    I would like to find the part number for the dual port distributor vacuum advance canister for my 71 Mach1, 351c 4V. I want to buy an NOS part as opposed to the generic repro part that is typically sold. I know the base number is 12370 but dont know which letters are on the front i.e...
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    where to find part numbers

    Where is a source to locate the ford part number for a particular part?? A lot of NOS sites prefer to search by that part number. For example, a dual vacuum, single point distributor canister for a 71, 351c. I think part of it is 12370 Or, distributor breaker plate for 71, 351c single point...
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    strange timing issues

    I was doing some routine maintenance and thought to check some timing numbers. Removed the 2 vacuum hoses to the distributor and plugged them in order to check initial timing. Timing light indicated it was 17ish  BTDC when I remember setting it to around 8 BTDC. 17+ 24 mechanical is too much to...
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    weird firing marks in distributor

    I replaced a distributor cap recently and the one I removed is the attached pic. Are these normal marks for the inside of a cap? I always thought they should be more in the middle of the terminal as opposed to one sided like these are. This is on my 71, 351c, factory engine and distributor...
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    engine oil used

    In searching I see that the motor oil to use question has been asked a lot, with many opinions and I wanted to get most peoples most recent thoughts. The garage that has serviced my 71 mustang in the past has used Kendall GT-1 synthetic 10w30. Its their formula with "liquid titanium" for...
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    battery discharge / recharge

    I was doing some work on the car where I was cranking the engine but NOT starting it. Well, eventually the battery discharged to where the engine wouldnt crank. I thought the battery would last longer than what I was doing. The battery is an AGM group 27 Autolite replica type. When my Battery...
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    any one remember this movie

    They ruin a nice car starting at 4:00
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    compression test

    At some point, I'd like to do a compression test on my 71 351c. The engine is running fine but just doing the test from a learning perspective since I've never done one prior. So, from reading it seems the test is better when the engine is warmed. Remove the plugs and disconnect the I and S...
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    installing power steering box

    Seems its finally getting warm enough in the garage so that I can finally reinstall my rebuilt power steering box. A question related to best way to refill pump and box. Should I remove coil wire and bump engine some multiple times, while checking fluid level in the pump and refill as necessary...