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  1. Horsin' Around

    Billboard circa 1971

    Would look good on garage wall.
  2. Horsin' Around

    A pin-up picture for your workshop

    Step 1, check.
  3. Horsin' Around

    Time capsule '72 vert 351 on fee bay.
  4. Horsin' Around

    Presenting COBRASTANG . . . a little teaser

    Flat hood no longer flat.
  5. Horsin' Around

    WTB convertible trim body moldings at base of top, all 3 pieces.

    Nice with no or minimal pitting/checking. Send pix and price shipped to 34654. Thanks.
  6. Horsin' Around

    Nice one for the Coupe folks. Spring Special in Texas
  7. Horsin' Around

    Anyone looking for a nice coupe? Might get a bargain. Just a link, no affiliation.
  8. Horsin' Around

    Anyone need a 390FE? Western Michigan.

    Not mine, just came across the ad. Thought someone could use it. Marketplace - 1967 Ford 390 FE | Facebook 
  9. Horsin' Around

    V-8 swap for '72 Stang

    Cool Weekend Project: 302 Engine Swap in a 1972 Mustang ( 
  10. Horsin' Around

    Mustang Prototypes that never made it

    20 Ford Mustang Prototypes That Didn’t Make It To Production ( 
  11. Horsin' Around

    Mustang running horse sign HUGE

    Marketplace - Mustang Pony | Facebook Thought about getting it for myself, but really nowhere to put this monster.
  12. Horsin' Around

    Vendor Review Motorcity Mustang

    Quick Shout-Out to Motorcity Mustang for great service. Sent detailed pictures and accurate description of used factory '71 hood chrome and eyebrows. Items packed well and shipped fast. Would do business again.
  13. Horsin' Around

    Shelby's at Road America this weekend. Elkhart Lake WI. Free for spectators.

    Northwoods Shelby Club Spring Fling at Road America - Northwoods Shelby Club (
  14. Horsin' Around

    Mary buys a 1972 Mustang Convertible

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show S03E24 Mary Richards And The Incredible Plant Lady - YouTube 
  15. Horsin' Around

    A little Mustang history

    How Ford's Penny-Pinching 'Special Falcon Project' Evolved Into the Legendary Mustang ( 
  16. Horsin' Around


    1972 Ford Mustang (2) FIRESTONE COBRA JET TEST CARS BUY 1 OR BOTH | eBay