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  1. Don C

    Boss 351 barn find
  2. Don C

    Occasional smoke on start up.

    It sounds like they installed Viton valve seals, but they either need the top of the valve guides machined or have new guides installed. Even if the valve guides weren't replaced the Viton seals will seal with some looseness in the valve stems. It's possible one or more of the seals have slipped...
  3. Don C

    Location location

    One word of caution, some electronic boxes can squeal or whine, and depending on the sensitivity of your hearing, can be annoying. Of course, a nice sounding exhaust will drown out the noise from the box. Or, if your hearing is like mine, I'd have to have 5 or 6 boxes squealing to hear them. My...
  4. Don C

    Maybe a dumb question

    Prothane bushings squeak, Prothane makes a lubricant that is designed for it:
  5. Don C

    Land speed 71-73

    A little more imformation:,193480
  6. Don C

    GT40 intake on a '73, hood clearance??

    Part #AP06 or AP35 in the link in post #14, above.
  7. Don C

    Gas tank sending unit replacement

    +1, anything else added to it will likely peel off and wind up in the carburetor.
  8. Don C

    8 track player speed adjustment

    I'd say the average age is Old Farts
  9. Don C

    GT40 intake on a '73, hood clearance??

    They make adapters for a 302 intake to a 351C heads and block:
  10. Don C

    73 q code vert competition suspension 9” posi rear - how do I tell 31 or 28 spline?

    If you have a Detroit TrueTrac it is much better than the original Ford TracLok. The TracLok uses clutches for the limited slip that don't have all that long of a life span. TrueTrac uses helical gears that last longer and provide better traction to both wheels.
  11. Don C

    Heater Core Test

    I know how I would do it, but I have all kinds of pipe fittings, adapters, barbed hose fittings, and valve stems connected to pipe fittings. I would adapt and connect a valve stem to one heater hose, and plug the other one, pressurize the core to 15 psi and see if it holds pressure. If it does...
  12. Don C

    Mustang Parts supplier

    In addition to the above recommendations, I have also had good luck with NPD.
  13. Don C

    Smoke on start up

    What kind of valve seals? Umbrellas or Viton positive stop seals? What kind of oil pump? A high volume/high pressure pump can send too much oil onto the valves and splash onto the stems and run down them with the umbrellas. The turkey pan gasket can be a PITA to get sealed, especially with an...
  14. Don C

    Ford Code Numbers

    The CHR may be some option that is convertible specific. I couldn't find it in any of my references. If you have a Marti Report you might post it in the Marti Reports section of the forum, maybe we can find something in it that fits.
  15. Don C

    Intake Manifold Installation

    The intake manifold on the 351-C Ford engine is critical as far as torque rate and sequence are concerned. Intake leaks, although very slight, will affect engine performance and may result in oil burning. Apply the manifold with care, making sure it is aligned correctly, front to rear and side...
  16. Don C

    Alternator and Regulator Wiring

    That's very true. You can see what the load differences are in this illustration, with and without a ballast resistor and running or stopped with the points closed. The cranking current will be somewhere between the two,
  17. Don C

    Excel spreadsheets

    How can I attach spreadsheets? I used to be able to, but now I cannot attach or update them. I can change the selection to "All Files (*.*)" and the spreadsheet shows up as an attachment, but when I try to post or save the edited thread the spreadsheet goes away. Thanks, Don
  18. Don C

    Alternator and Regulator Wiring

    Attached is an updated version of the diagram (thanks to mrgmhale)
  19. Don C

    Alternator and Regulator Wiring

    Yes, you are correct about voltage available while cranking. I usually also call it battery voltage. I must have been trying to save space, or lazy, and just called it 12 volts. Because we cannot edit posts made before the latest server upgrade I will repost a corrected version. Thank you for...
  20. Don C

    Questions about factory mounting holes on core support

    The two best resources for illustrations are the assembly manual and the parts manual, both are available in PDF format and can be downloaded.