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    Speedometer Core Cable replacement

    My speedo is jumping and instead of replacing the 40 year old cable, I bought just the core.  I thought it would be easy, pull the cable from the tranny, pull the core and push in the new one in.  There is no video or instructions anywhere to be found. (Maybe im not researching it well).  So I...
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    Personal Message

    I cant seem to find where PM's are. Im sure its right in front of me.  Any help is appreicated. Thanks
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    Is this worth the dollars? I  have a pretty stock motor but would like to change my 2v intake to a 4v without any other mods so I can pick up a few HP.  I would change out my 2V carb for a 4v Carb, but the question is abou this intake.  Thanks for your input...
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    1973 Convert for sale

    Looks real nice, but barn find??? Dont think so.
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    73 am fm radio

    Looking to buy a working 1973 AM FM  Radio. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks,
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    Sagging rear spoiler dilema

    When the sun is out my rear spoiler gets hot and droops so much that the ends touch the trunk lid.  I have to assume the spoiler is one of the less expensive ABS type.  I would like to replace it but I am a little confused what to get.  I read in the forum, originally they were fiberglass so I...
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    1973 Front bumper mounting hardware

    So the state says I have to mount a front licences plate on my car.  I have a new mount bracket and was looking to bolt it on but I cant figure out what is holding my bumper on now.  The pictures below show the bumper on the car looking up.  As you can see the bumper mounting hardware are...
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    Improved Handling Option

    Im replacing my front coil springs and went to Eaton Detorit springs to order.  I see they have a spring for "Improved handling".  I called them to ask what that was and they said it was an option for some mustangs and before I order I should know whether I have that option.  I searched this...
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    73 w AC Glove box

    Looking for an OEM Glove box for my 1973.  I have AC so it would be the short version.  I'm looking for one in very good shape with the trim in place and the clip in the back.  I do not need any other parts other then the cardboard box and trim Thanks for any help.
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    AC floor distribution duct hardware

    Any one know where to get these?  I could use 3 or 4.  They are push "?" that hold the AC floor distribution duct to the fan housing.   Thanks for any help. Im pretty sure they are universal to all years. 71-73
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    73 Heater Box Cracked

    After reading all the great advice on how to remove my 73 heater /AC box on the forum, I got it out without a lot of surprises. I put the box on my work bench and knocked it off where it dropped to the concrete floor and cracked. The crack is very clean and if I push it together I can hardly...