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  1. Manu Mach1

    Magnum 500

    I found 4 beautifull Magnum 500, size is 16". This size was existing in the 70'S ? 
  2. Manu Mach1

    Rear end modification

    A friend is working on his car, I want to show you one of the modif he is doing. Don't know if someone made it here already ?
  3. Manu Mach1

    From drum to disk

    Hello, Have you ever seen a 73 Mach 1 with front drum brakes? No of course, they never came with. But mine is in this case, probably this Mach 1 before been sent across the Atlantic, has been "optionned" with front drums :( Well, I am lookinf for a pair of spindles to give her back the disc...
  4. Manu Mach1

    C6 conversion to Toploader 4 speed

    Hello,  Since last weekend I think about rebuild my car with a Toploader instead of the C6 I understand that it's not a simple thing to do, but as the car is almost naked, it's a good opportunity to do that. Also I prefer to drive with a manual transmission, this is personnal, everyone has his...
  5. Manu Mach1


    Hi, I am looking for the dealer from this engine to know what is there inside as it's a remanufactured engine, but even the garage who order it from US don't remember.  The engine has now 5000 miles. I would like to know if the heads need to be retightened and with which torque (if needed)...
  6. Manu Mach1


    I am sad to announce that our great member, friend EddyW from Belgium passed away in january the 11th. RIP my friend.
  7. Manu Mach1

    Rear wheels offset

    Hi, I have a noticable difference between the right and left wheel. The right one is more outside than the left one. I check all what I can, and don't find any difference underneath ( leaf spring/drums, leafsprings/rear end). No spacer, same wheels width... Then last night I was thinking...
  8. Manu Mach1

    Very special request

    Hello, I wanted to buy cigars Hav a Tampa through internet but we can't get that for Europe. If someone could help me to buy some and send to me I will appreciate. Will be a surprise for my dad, who was working in the US in the 70's, he told me about those cigars few weeks ago. Naturally I...
  9. Manu Mach1


    Hello. I removed the gearbox, cause first gear dissapeared, or was very difficult to get it.  I checked the linkage setup, was ok.  I found more than 2 liters, don't know how it's possible to fill up with so much oil as when it's full oil is dropping from the filling plug. Well, it's leaking...
  10. Manu Mach1

    Grandé is gone, Mexican Sprint arrived...

    After years I was chasing this 73 Mexican, I finally got her. Now in my garage, I canno't believe it yet :)
  11. Manu Mach1

    New pistons and rings needed

    Hello, The block is to the shop waiting for the new pistons cause the block needs to be oversized. The bigger size is 101.70 mm or 4.0039". I guess the block needs to be machined 0.020" oversize so pistons should be 0.020" plus? My question:  which brand of pistons should I buy? (engine will...
  12. Manu Mach1

    New car in the garage

    Hello,, Here is my new gift (self gift). A 73 Maverick with 302 and C4. Just arrived last week form California. I won't change too much thing on that beautifull car. Only the rims (already put some 15 " Magnum). A new Grant steering wheel, and a dual exaust (actually single one with 2...
  13. Manu Mach1

    What rims?

    Hello, Is anybody can tell me what kind of rims are they? Thank you. image hosting
  14. Manu Mach1

    Mach 1 Staunton Illinois

    Hi, Don't know if it's the right place to post this. I received some pics from a 73 Mach 1 located in Staunton Illinois, garage name is "Country Classic Cars". If anybody could check this one for me (money or wine in return). Thanks.
  15. Manu Mach1

    EGR spacer

    Hello, I found out the EGR spacer is damaged so I can't use it. I would like to know if I can still use the original intake manifold with a "normal" spacer or just change it by a new one, and eliminate the EGR valve? Thank you, Manu
  16. Manu Mach1

    Donor car

    Hello, I guess it is a 351C 2V?
  17. Manu Mach1

    Mach1 windshield

    Hello folks, I'm almost sure but not 100% if the 71/72/73 Mach1 windshield is different as the coupé/Grandé/vert models. Could you confirm this please? Thank you.
  18. Manu Mach1

    Mach1 Marti report

    Receive the Marti report yesterday. It shows front disk brakes, I actually get 2 drums in the front, strange upgrade :huh:
  19. Manu Mach1

    Valve springs shims

    Were shims under valve springs installed originally on our 351 4V's or it's something we can add to increase spring pressure?
  20. Manu Mach1

    351 engine tear down

    Experimentation I would say as I never been so far in a restoration. A lot of crap wason the heads, and under the pan valley, surely caused by a very poor maintenance. When I opened the engine last evening, the smell remind me some location with H2S, but no I was not on a job. I have a few...