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  1. Michael O’Harran

    Pics and diagrams

    I am working on the install of the fuel vapor lines, brake lines and fuel lines. I have the Manuel and the old lines to see two are together on one side and one alone on the others. The preformed lines are not quite painting a clear picture. Can you guys help out with pics or diagrams to help me...
  2. Michael O’Harran

    1972 Ford Mustang Brand New Master Cylinder for sale

    I have this new Master cylinder I did not use, purchased through CJ Pony Parts. It did not come with a Proportioning Valve. It originates from a company called Master Power Brakes. I am having an issue with the return because I do not have the original Master Power Brake Box. I ended up...
  3. Michael O’Harran

    Trunk drop offs both sides

    I ordered from CJ Pony and didn’t use them. They have surface rust so they will not return them. Looking to sell them for cost plus what ever the shipping is. Anyone need them?
  4. Michael O’Harran

    Engine Mounts Nightmare

    So my mechanic gave me an engine mount to remember how far we came. I had an original build in 2009 from a rolling chassis and they built a 351M and put it in. I found that I kept tearing and having to replace engine mounts. A different mechanic said it was because of how the 351C engine mounts...
  5. Michael O’Harran

    U Bolts issue

    So I ordered through CJ Pony Parts the leaf spring kits which came with U Bolts. I am told that the U Bolts did not fit, they were too tight around the axle. It said OEM replacement fit so I thought I was gonna be good. I looked at NPD for replacements and the comments read about people...
  6. Michael O’Harran

    Restoration Detail Oversights?

    Looking from input from experience, when doing your restorations, what are some of the small details that you overlooked that you regretted or had to go back and address? I keep thinking I have all the detail planned and needed items purchased and on stand by waiting for the point of progress...
  7. Michael O’Harran

    Seat upholstery question

    So like with everything I seem to touch, nothing goes easy and I have quirky issues. Dealing with my upholstery guy and being told I’m good, but looking for independent confirmation. Try to follow this. I have 1972 Mach 1 with Thin Blue Line theme. That stripe is a horizontal stripe. 1972 seat...
  8. Michael O’Harran

    Restoration Company Just Dashes (it looks like full interior)

    So the illusive 1972 Rear Defrost switch and bezel keeps coming up as a reoccurring headache. But we all know there are these random other pieces, like enduro bumpers, A-Pillars etc. that are the bain of our restorations. I just found this company and asked them for a quote on my rear defrost...
  9. Michael O’Harran

    Rear defrost switch repair

    This is a great tutorial on how to replace that broken rear defrost switch.
  10. Michael O’Harran

    Odds & Ends Parts for Sale from Restoration of 1972 Mach 1

    So with my rebuild I am finding that I am replacing most everything interior and glass. I reused all the body except the hood because I couldn't guarantee the two sealed metal design would not bread later rust spread. I am starting to see piles of my replaced items with no plan in site and my...
  11. Michael O’Harran

    1970 Volume 70-6 Heated Air Intake & Vapor Saver

    Just recently a thread was had where it was discussed about gas tank vent lines and how they are commonly removed. Additionally, another thread was recently had where the topic of when did the air cleaner snorkel have the shroud to a duct under the battery and what's its purpose. I thought I...
  12. Michael O’Harran

    Shifter Lever 1972 Mach 1 manual question

    I have a Hurst shifter lever that is rectangular in shape, but like most it also arches back toward the center console mid way up. Mine additionally inclines toward the driver side, pretty noticeably. It makes for comfortable shifting for sure. I also noticed on the shifting boot I got from...
  13. Michael O’Harran

    1972 Door Jamb Vent Purpose?

    I came across a door jamb vent cap (no vent at all) and I like it because its marked "Mach 1" and black so its great for my resto, but I don't know the purpose of the actual vent and if this with interfere with a design issue. Can anyone advise what this vent actually does, or if its just an...
  14. Michael O’Harran

    Deluxe door panel pre-drilled hole cover up

    What have some of you done to deal with a predrilled hole for a remote mirror that you don't have? I have looked for panel plugs, though don't know if I'd like that, but can't find them for 1972. I have looked for just the remote mirror assembly to add the handle only, but can't find the back...
  15. Michael O’Harran

    Glass Differences 1972 Quarter power window

    So I already purchased a full smoked glass set for my 72 Mach 1 and have it waiting for install. I just installed the quad power window motors and am setting that up. I'm now thinking about the next steps and am starting to notice from online, there is there a difference in the glass where it...
  16. Michael O’Harran

    Cup Holders vs. Power Window Switch

    To some, a full restoration of my 72' Mach 1 would leave them wondering why I might want to be drinking in my car and worry about cup holders? I don't plan on trailering so if I go to a show or anywhere, I want to drive and enjoy so I am thinking of some comforts, like how I added AC. So I want...
  17. Michael O’Harran

    Hidden Radio Antennas

    In my build I had the antenna hole in the fender welded closed and am starting to install all the electrical components now. The retro fit new features radio will be soon. I wanted to go with a hidden antenna. Any suggestions from others who's had success or failures with any in particular...
  18. Michael O’Harran

    Manuel Shifter Boots 1972 Mach 1

    I have 4 questions on Manuel shifter boots. I am looking for a shifter boot replacement and finding a little difficulty in knowing which way to go. I see different universal boot kits but they offer different base sizes. 1. Does anyone know off hand what the floor opening measurements are so...
  19. Michael O’Harran

    72 Mach 1 Thin Blue Line update Feb 2022

    Just moved this post as It didn’t seem to show up as a new post and I’m not sure why so I moved it it a new thread. Just wanted to share some of the latest progress. I’m loving how it’s coming along though some purists out there won’t like some of my person tweaks. AC conversation coming...
  20. Michael O’Harran

    72 Mach 1 Thin Blue Line update Feb 2022

    Just wanted to share some of the latest progress. I’m loving how it’s coming along though some purists out there won’t like some of my person tweaks. AC conversation coming along, LED upgrades, Willwood brake conversion, sport lamp toggle where rear defrost was, black car with gun metal grey...