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    Disaster today with my Mach 1

    Many of y'all have seen my 71 Mach 1. It is the one that I just got painted that is that awesome yellow color with the matte black stripes and matte black hood. Well, I have only had it back from the paint and body shop about a month. I have been working on it quite a bit modifying this and...
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    Hurricane weathered; Mach 1 on lift

    Well, after 3 days of no electricity, thanks to Isaac, its back to working on the car. I have had people ask me about this lift when I posted my Triumph on it. Here is a pic of the Mach 1 On the EZ car lift. I don't have it even remotely raised to its Maximum height. Just enough to get the...
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    A Mach 1 and a Bricklin, best of friends (pic)

    I posted on the aesthetics thread my new paint job. My buddy has a Bricklin SV1 so we went down the street from our homes to the LSU lakes and took a few pics. Here are a few of them. Not many people get to see Bricklins. Thought I would share. Oh, and talk about turning heads...
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    Paint is finally done (with pics)

    Several of ya'll saw some minor progress in the past few months, well here she is finally finished
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    Paint progress on the Mach 1 with pics

    Ok, so several of y'all already saw my hood (I'll repost again) That was a few weeks ago. Now they have laid some paint on the car. They still have a lot more to do, but it is nice to see it progressing Now, the funny pic. I bought a hot wheels style Mach 1 to have to put on my dash along...
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    First glimpse of new paint (with pic)

    Went by the paint and body shop today to drop off some parts and I got a glimpse of what the paint I picked out finally looks like on my hood. I am thrilled, it was just what I had envisioned! Now, I can't wait to see the rest of the car once it gets painted!
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    Won award today but not with Mustang

    Was in a local car show with my Triumph TR6 today (Mach 1 being painted). 50 cars entered and it was open any car or truck is eligible. Awards for 1st to 5th. I took home the 5th place plaque. The big deal, at least I think it is, is that voting was done by the public, not by judges...
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    Question about Matte black

    Getting close to the point where the paint is going to be laid by the shop. I am going canary yellow with matte black. I understand some of this is personal preference, but Do most people paint all black parts matte? Meaning the hood, Spoiler, rocker panels, etc or should some parts still be...
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    Got my new lift in (video added)

    So, like many others, ideally a 2 or 4 post lift would be awesome. But, I just don't have the space...neither the height in my garage or the width I need. Not even for that low ceiling Max Jax lift. I ran across this on some other forums and decided to give it a try. It is the EZCarlift. It is...
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    What goes around headlights???

    I just put in a new front grill and installed the headlights with the retaining ring but there has got to be some sort of bezel or something that goes around or behind the lights. It currently looks blank, if you know what i mean. I have looked but can't find it or am looking incorrectly. Can...
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    Got the new tags in today

    While I had an original 1929 Louisiana tag on my Model A, I didn't necessarily want a 71 tag on my Mustang. Somehow, this tag was available when I registered the car, so I snagged it up!
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    Got it at the paint shop with pics

    As I am new to these threads some will remember my introduction thread and my interior paint thread that had that awful bass boat gel coat look. Anyway, I found a body and paint guy, we agreed on a flat price and he is gonna do some body work and paint it. I am going with a canary yellow. Not...
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    Painted my interior (with pics)

    When I bought this car, I bought it as a project. Which is how I got it for a good price. One of the priorities besides engine work which I did first, was the horrible interior. The guy that had it before used it as a 1/4 mile car and had a horrible paint scheme. It was basically a red and...
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    New member- 71 Mach 1

    Always wanted a Mach 1 so I decided to get one that I could work on. Just bought it two weeks ago. I knew that it didn't have the original 351 it came with but i wasn't looking for that. I have an all original 1929 Model A and an all original 1976 Triumph TR6. I wanted something I could play...