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    Last call 1973 Q code part out.

    1973 Q code, automatic, part out. Sold: rims, map light, flat hood, 351W, fold down rear seat. I used windshield, Mach hood, wing, etc. Still available: 14 inch steel rims $10 each 1973 date coded alternator, $25 Steering gear, power $40 Tan console $500 Instrument cluster with tach...
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    Map Light

    1973, in very good condition, with wiring, part of convenience group. $200 plus shipping. Only one I've ever seen. Located in Camby Indiana. 317/371/2668 Dave Sorry if you don't like this price, I have $2500 in parts Mach 1s.
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    1973 Tan seat belts, with electric hook up in fronts

    1973 Mach 1, tan seat belts, all 4, with tan trim piece for rear seat panels, some hardware included, little tan circles included. Need cleaned or restored. Dave 317/371/2668 $100 plus shipping. Other parts available. Located in Camby Indiana
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    1973 Rubber front bumper

    1973 Mach 1 rubber front bumper, could be restored, very heavy, includes front plate bracket $150. Located in Camby Indiana. Dave 317/371/2668 other parts available.
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    Rear window defrost glass, switch, and parts

    1973 rear window defrost glass, one black plastic cover for wire connection to glass, other included but broken, 4 screws that hold cover on, dash switch with broken toggle, $150 plus shipping. Located in Camby Indiana. I've owned 6 Mach 1s and this is the only rear defrost I've ever seen...
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    1973 Q code Mach 1, part out

    I'm selling parts off of this. I bought it for a few things, lots of goodies available. Parts of interest Rear window defroster controller Rear glass with defrost Tan center console Tan interior 351W C4 combo for cheap 5 14 inch aluminum factory rims 4 14 inch Magnum rims Cleveland 2...
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    Mach 1 addiction

    New guy! 1971 Mach 1, 1998 Cobra drivetrain 1972 1 of 1, R code 1973 Mach 1, Cleveland, auto 1974 Dodge Dart, Mercedes turbo diesel 1972 Dodge Dart 440, 10.7 @ 128 1988 Mega Cab, Crew Cab, Chevy, 4x4, military short bed 2006 Mega Cab Cummins 1998 Cummins A ton of Subarus Happy to be...