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    Happy 40th! (now 41st) (now 42nd!)

    Congrats!  Mine will turn 50 on 10-9-20.  10920...Hmm...My daughter was born on 90210 (ring a bell?)...number anagram.  And also, Mach 1 will turn 50 15 days before my wife.  I wonder if she'll get an all day celebration, the wife I mean.  lollerz
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    Center Console Map Light Clone with LED

    I am interested as well!
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    Original Documentation

    I guess it depends on what purpose you plan on using the "documentation" for. If it's for verifying what the car is and what it came with, then, to me, the relevant documents are the build sheets (if you can find them in the car), the Eminger invoice, and the Marti report. Also good to have on...
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    Ram air hole plugs

    The pair Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs has with the holes may be the set that I drilled holes in back when I was in high school in the early 80s! Could be.
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    What would you have done?

    I was just quoting the mechanic about the use of the word "posi". I am sure he meant going limited slip. I agree that for weather purposes, Traction-Lok would be the way to go. BUT, if there is any chance for rain in the forecast, neither the '71 nor the '11 goes outside, and the '71 never...
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    What would you have done?

    So I've got my '71 Mach in the shop to have 4-speed clutch replaced. Shop is also rebuilding the 3.25 standard rear end. Basically, the whole drivetrain is out of the car from the block back. Also getting the radiator replaced because the original is now leaking pretty badly. Shop has a...
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    vacuum hose routing on Ram Air

    Here's how I've got mine laid out. Only difference between mine and the diagram posted by c9zx is that the hose is going directly into the vacuum tree behind the air cleaner as opposed to T-ing into the other hose between the tree and the air cleaner vacuum sensor.
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    chrome bumper painted body color?

    When I first purchased my Mach 1, the ram air system had a chrome air cleaner lid that was also the incorrect shape. After about a year or so, I purchased a repro Hi-Po air cleaner with a chrome lid as I could not find and OEM lid at a reasonable price or at all. I sanded the lid down pretty...
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    chrome bumper painted body color?

    Check out this article from Hemming's Muscle Machine. This guy, Lane Carey, painted his bumper to match the bright red paint. Fascinating article BTW.
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    Auction Friday Boss and 72 Mach

    But it does say it is in R code in the ad.
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    Auction Friday Boss and 72 Mach

    I wonder if it is a true Boss. It has the honeycomb ram air block outs in the scoops. And no hoop pin locks.
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    Confusion on my original paint color 1971 Sportroof

    I never knew about the dealer special order codes. Very interesting.
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    Confusion on my original paint color 1971 Sportroof

    I'd be interested in finding out about that DSO code. 711495?
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    How old were you when you bought your Mustang?

    Yellow Q code 1973 Mach 1 - 17 Red H code 1973 Mach 1 - 18 Blue H code 1971 Mach 1 - 20 White M code 1971 Mach 1 - 22 White 1990 LX 5.0 Hatch - 23 Reef Blue 1993 LX 5.0 Vert - 26 Light Pewter Metallic M code 1971 Mach 1 - 37* Ingot Silver Metallic 2011 GT/CS - 44* * Currently in posession
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    Straight Mach 1 side stripes?

    If you look at the 1971 Mustang Brochure, you will see the wood grain bezel on the console on the page featuring the red Mach 1 interior. When I saw your car several times years ago when I lived in FLA, I never noticed the wood grain bezel. I do remember you pointing out the chrome sport lamps.