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    78 f250 460 build unilite upgrade?

    I have a 78 F250 that Im building a replacement 460 for, the motor is from a 76 lincoln, nothing fancy, but i do have a more aggressive cam, and was wanting to do the smog delete and straight up timing on. I came across a Unilite distributor w/ vac advance for really cheap. My truck has the...
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    Anyone use the Chat feature?

    on a few other vehicle forums i'm on there are weakly chat sessions, I noticed that there is a Chat option here as well but I have never seen anyone on it. Anyone here played with it, or scheduled any kind of online meet and greet?
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    Edelbrock 351w top end kit vs 408 stroker, or both?

    I've been doing a lot of reading and researching and wishing and dreaming, and decided I don't know what I want! lol I have my mustang restoration expert/guru/sensei, the one who's teaching me the proper methods or car restoration (free of charge) who owns a 68 cougar that has a 408 stroker...
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    to 460 or not?

    I'm picking up a e350 van that is not worth driving, but does have a good running 460 and c-6. Is it even worth the effort to type this considering swaping out my 351W and fmx for a 460 c-6 combo?
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    78 f-250 Camper special 5th wheel

    I have a 78 Camper special in really good condition, and it's my "other" project aside from my 72/73 mustang coupe, and my Jeep. Anyway it has the rails in the bed for a vintage 5th wheel (the hoops that sit over the wheel wells) but the plate is missing. I have looked local for one to replace...
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    Anyone know of a 17" wheel that will accept dog dish caps?

    I'm trying to find a way to run my Poverty caps on a 17" wheel, I want to have a modern tire and improved performance, but still keep the feel of the 15" wheels I have. I've emailed a few companies that do custom steel wheels, they'll widen my wheels but cant recenter them into a larger...
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    Naca Hood with aftermarket Intake manifold

    I picked up a Naca hood for my 351w car and have been looking to do motor upgrades to my car and I've been looking at things like the Edelbrock top end kit, but it includes the Victor JR intake. I want to know what options I have that wont interfere with the way the hood operates.
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    Dummy lights for OEM tach swap ?'s

    my car has dummy lights no clock, and the 3 gauge cluster on the center console as well, I picked up an OEM tach a while back and am wondering what all I need to to do replace the dummy lights for the tach?
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    Hi from MT

    Hi all, picked up my first mustang about a year and a hlaf ago, done a bunch of work so far, and still have a lot to go When I picked it up Most recently