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    Boss 351 Valve Covers

    I have a set of polished finned Boss 302/ 351 valve covers. These were re-popped several years ago don't beleive you can get them any longer. These are the real deal with the wire loom mounting on the top of the covers and the baffels under the oil fill/ pcv areas. These DO NOT have the oil...
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    Cal Tracs

    I have a set of barely used Cal Tracs for 71-73 Mustang / Cougar. These will work with staggard or regular shocks. Will also work with the factory sway bar. Just pulled these off of my Mach. I have another toy to race so these have got to go! 275.00 + the ride. These are awsome if you are laying...
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    New KYB Exel-G shocks

    I have 4 new KYB Exel-G shocks for 71-73 Mustang/ Cougar. The rear shocks have about 200 miles on them, the fronts are still in the box. The shocks are great if you are looking for a smooth comfortable ride. I really like the way the rear felt under the car, BUT, I have a led foot and would get...
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    Hey guys! It is the prodical son. Thought I would check in and try to get my head together. I am having a brain fart and need to think things out. I have had someone make me a serious offer on buying my old "girl freind" from me. He is only about four grand off, so I may have to make a tough...
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    The Prodical son?

    Hello to all!! Been along time, been very busy. I heard from Chuck(c9zx) this morning and told him I would stop by. Started a new job (moved from the shop floor to a desk) and havn't had much time to just hang out. I haven't forgot about you guys! Hope you all are well! I will try not to be a...
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    Old mags?

    Well I am still cleaning out my shop. While doing this I have dug out my many years of car magazines,some going back to 1968. I have alot of old Super/ Stock, High Performance Cars, Popular Hot Rod, Hot Rod, Car Craft, Mustang Monthly etc... I think I am going to sell them. I thought about Ebay...
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    4R70W ?

    I am looking for a 4R70W trans out of a V6 Mustang.I am looking for a buildable trans to do my conversion. It needs to be a 1999-2003 model I beleive. Thanks! Eddie
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    More garage stuff!

    I have more parts for other cars 1. New in the box 190 GPH electric fuel pump for a 5.0 Stang / T bird. This was bought for a 1995 Cobra and never used. 40.00 2. Shock tower brace off of 1995 Cobra, real deal, not aftermarket. 35.00 3. OFF road "H" pipe for 96-98 4.6 Mustang BBK's very nice...
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    Garage sale!

    I am going to post this here ,cleaning out my shop. I would rather see some of you guys get this first.If I go to the bay my prices are going to go up to make it worth my time. 1. Nice power steering box from a 73 coupe. No rust,cleaned and painted,has pitman arm, and very nice coupler. 50.00...
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    Clutch and brake pedal assembly

    I have a nice clutch and brake pedal assembly for sale. No slop,glass beaded and treated with rust converter,ready for paint. Asking 225.00 + shipping.This is for the 71-73. SOLD
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    A visit from droptop73

    Jeff, aka droptop73 came by for a visit today. We spent the afternoon bench racing and telling stories.We took my Mach out for a spin to visit a freind who has a beautiful 66 GT couipe. Jeff really went out of his way for a visit all the way from Fort Worth.It was a good time. We had a brain...
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    Hello From Southern Califoni!

    Just got off the plane here in San Clemente to visit my oldest son. Man is the weather differant from Big"D"! It was supposed to get to 100 in Dallas today. It is about 70 here with a nice ocean breeze! Going to stay a few days and spends some time just relaxing with my son and the wife.We had...
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    Took my nice running car and now.....

    Well I have never thought my current engine has been running to it's potential,and now it really is a turd! I started about 2 weeks ago installing a new SFI balancer with all the timing marks clearly marked etc...thought I would do the tune up with a vacum gauge as you guys have been talking...
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    351 4V Torker for sale

    I have a very nice 351C Torker for sale. This is for the 4V heads. The intake is in very good condition ,no porting or stripped threads etc.... I have glass beaded it and it is ready to install. Asking 125.00 + the ride. These are a very good intake for the Cleveland for the price. I was going...
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    mechanical fuel pump?

    I have a Holley mechanical fuel pump that has started to leak. It seems these are proned to leak. What are you guys running that have High HP / 408's etc... Don't want to run a stock pump as they are only rated at 26GPH. I really want a better higher output pump, at least an 80-110 GPH. Any ideas?
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    For sale or trade?

    I have a basicaly rust free deck lid for a coupe or convertable.It has been in my shop for a couple of years now.Some one make me an offer. I am cleaning out some stuff. Would love to see this go to someone that will give it a good home and needs it!
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    Hey my car made "Gearhead" feature

    I was shocked! Just got an email that my car made the "Gear head of the week" on "My Power Block" tv.I would give you guys a link,but I am a dummy when it comes to linking up with other sites.Just go to Power Block TV and click on the My power block.Got alot of comments so far.Looks like Our old...
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    How is every one?

    Been kinda under the weather for over a week.Hope evrey one is doing well.I have missed talking and reading everyones post. I have tried to stay away from the wifes laptop.I didn't want to get her sick as I thought I had the flu. Well I went back to the doctor today and he told me I had a...
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    Took a bunch of pictures

    I finally took the cover of my Mach last week before all of the snow.Cranked it up and drove around the neighbor hood.I have not driven it since Christmas eve.I have been kind of leary after my adventure. I was taking the grand son's through the neighbor hood Christmas eve having a good time...
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    Trunk lid

    I parted out a 73 Coupe.Have avery good trunk lid just sitting in my shop.Make me a reasonable offer and you pay shipping.Will be glad to box it up! Also some used tail light assemblies,not bad at all just need some tlc.Make me an offer. Thanks! Eddie