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    vibration in drivetrain

    Hello, Since the last view weeks my car has a new symptom. At 2300 rpm I am having heavy vibrations in my drivetrain. If i change the engine speed +/- 200 rmp everything is fine again. This is independent from the vehicle speed or gear. It`s more or less the same in standstill and N or P...
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    High Torque starter for 351 Cleveland

    Hello, Last year i have modified my 351 cleveland to a 408 stroker cleveland. Since we have finished I really have problem to start the engine in warm/hot conditions. No problems in the morning when the engine is cold. Does anyone have knowledge of such a problem ? I have seen some High Torque...
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    Which type of 4V heads are this ?

    Hello, My 4V Cleveland was an original 2V version. It has been modified by another owner. As I mentioned in a view days before I plan to stoke the block to 393 or 408 cui. Due to the compression rate I have to know the type of my 4V heads because there are 4 differed versions and I don`t know...
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    Hello out of the alps

    Hello, Hello, Yesterday I read a thread in our European mustang forum from canadien-red-mapple where he informed us about a special forum for 71-73 drivers. This looks what I have been surging for a long time. Thanks to him. I am 40 years old and live with my family in Tirol which is located...
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    Experiences with cleveland stroker kits

    Hello everybody, My name is Christian and I come from Austria. Some of us guys in Europe have been informed that there is a very interesting forum for 71-73 riders. I think this is a very good idea to have special talk and support for our mustangs. To my vehicle: it´s a 73 Mach 1 with a 351...