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    Mach 1 upholstery

    For Christmas I got a set of Distinctive Mach 1 seat upholstery for my car.  My seats are standard design.  Will Mach 1 coverts fit or do I need to return and buy standard upholstery? Thanks, Bob
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    Back Orders from CJPony

    I ordered a few parts on May 8th from CjPony that were back ordered.  I have sent a couple emails to see when they expect them but no replies from CjPony.  Any body else have problems getting back order updates from them?   Thanks Bob
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    master cylinder leaks

    I recently replaced the front disc brakes (pads/calibers/rubber lines).  I use DOT 3 fluid to refill/bleed.  Is this the correct fluid?  I now have a leak between master cylinder and booster, also i have fluid inside booster.  It leaks just sitting still.  Brakes work fine when reservoir is...
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    hood bowed - how to adjust questions

    The hood is high in the middle (front to back) on both sides.  This is a new hood from Kentucky Mustang.  It fits pretty good in the rear and front in relation to fender height.   Basically the hood is bowed up along both edges.  Do I need to shim fenders up or is there a way to take some bow...
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    edelbrock 1406 questions

    I have a 302 (from a 88 thunderbird) with a edelbrock 1406 carb.  The chock has been removed, the fast idle linkage is gone and the two top air flaps are missing too.   Are these items needed for the secondary jets to work properly?  How do I know secondaries work?? thanks Bob
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    Identify wires

    Need help identifying these 3 wires.  They are located on the drivers side bottom of fender well near radiator.   wire 1.  is blue and has a black connector (maybe oil or heat sensors?) wire 2 & 3.  they are twisted together.  best I can tell 1 is black and 1 black w/white strip. thanks Bob
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    AOD dipstick length

    I have a AOD from a 88 thunderbird in my 73 mach 1.  Can anyone verify length of dipstick.  I have a ttached a picture showing how far the dipstick sticks out of tube. Can anyone verify if this is correct? Thanks short chocolate poems that rhyme
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    brake repair

    I'm replacing the front disc brakes on my 73 mach 1.  I removed the calibers and the rubber brake lines.  It was a few days before I got back to putting new calibers and lines back on.  Went I went to fill master cylinder I discovered that both sides were completely empty.   My question is...
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    identify engine

    I have what I believe is a 302 engine in my 73 mustang.  I've attached a pic of block stamping right above starter.  I think it's E8SE or might be E6SE. firing order is 15426378
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    Auto Tranny problems

    Finally got the 73 mach 1 engine running good enough to take it out for a test drive.  Tranny seems ok in first and 2nd gear but as soon as it shifts into 3rd the engine just races and tranny doesn't pull.  I checked fluid and it is to top of full.  I had noticed over the winter that there was...
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    gas gauge problems

    I install my new tank, new sending unit and put 5 gallons in 20 gallon tank.  My gauge still reads Empty.  I checked sending unit with ohms meter before installing it and it rwad like 9 to 68 empty to full.  The old sending unit reads 6 to 48. I got the gauge to jump to full one time with old...
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    gas tank installation

    I'm getting ready to replace the gas tank.  Is there any rubber or other material used between top of tank and bottom of trunk pan?   thanks Bob
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    WTB Trunk Floor Patch & Gas Tank 73

    The PO had cut a hole in the trunk for clearance on tank (pic 3) he used.  I'd like to just replace the middle with a patch.  Pic 1 shows the patch piece needed, pic 2 is off the hole in trunk now that would be cut to match the patch.  I also need a tank, not sure if I can find both these items...
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    interior door parts 1973 - FOUND

    1973 mach 1 Need the RIGHT interior door handle assemble that bolts to the door, I have the deluxe interior.  Pic one is of the assemble I have which is missing the tab the handle bolts to.  Pic 2 is of the LEFT assemble which is good, has tab. Also need the springs and washers that go behind...
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    PCV Routing??? 302

    I've just been starting this car and moving a few feet from time to time, never had on the road.  I finally took it for a spin and it started smoking from under hood within a minute or so.  I returned to garage and oil was dripping off and smoke was rolling off the exhaust manifold.  I...
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    302 engine identification & specs

    I'm having some trouble determining what engine I have and what tune specs. The engine is stamped E8SE which I believe is 1988 thunderbird engine yes/no? What are the best spark plugs?  plug gap?  points gap?  timining? Right now it has Motorcraft AWSF 44c plugs (gapped at approx .050)...
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    suggestions for garage heater

    I've got a 800 sq ft uninstalled garage.  I'd like to add a electric heater to use when working in garage. I'm in Kentucky so in the winters it can get pretty cold.  I have a 60 amp service to my garage.  I've seen 5000 watt electric heaters (220 volt) that claim they can heat approx 800 sq...
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    painting headlight bezels

    I'd light to paint my headlight bezels black.  Any advise? Special paint? thanks Bob
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    identify center of dash wiring

    Need help identifying these 4 plugs that are in center of dash . Plug circled w/blue in pic 1 plug circled w/green in pic 2 (I think it's for console clock) plug circled w/green in pic 3 plug circled w/red in pic 3 thanks for the help!
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    window felts with chrome trim??

    The window felts that were on my car had a chrome trim on the edge that meets the door.  The set I bought from Kentucky Mustang do not have the chrome trim on the outer felt (there is a chrome trim on the inside felt).  Any one know where I can buy outer felts with the chrome trim??? thanks Bob