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    Radio info please.

    Hi all.  Have done a quick search with heaps of info but struggling to find exactly what I need. Need to replace the lost radio in my '73 Mach 1.  Have found one with model number D3ZA - 19A241.  Before I jump in, can someone please decipher the last part ?  D3ZA should be '73 Mustang, what's...
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    Oil pressure drop

    Am I over-reacting ? Given the notorious unreliability of old gauges, at cold start up, the " OIL " needle sits approx halfway on the scale.  When running at full temp & 30 mph, drops to approx 1/4 position ( has lost half along the way )  I'm told this is due to oil thinning out under heat...
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    Heater core leaking ? ?

    I feel some bad news coming - there is a trace of green antifreeze mixed in with condensate dripping under the car after A / C running.  Does this suggest the heater core is leaking and draining into the housing box cavity ?  The coolant level has dropped a bit too. No sign of leaks under the...
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    This to establish that I am now a registered user  ::thumb:: New member from Australia. This is what I bought back in September 2017. - note incorrect spoiler fitment, painted side stripes etc. Will post more pics of latest appearance once I prove that I am able to do so. Watch this space.