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    Tire Aesthetics

    I'm just curious to here what everyone is using to clean your tires up. I personally don't care for the wet look on the tires of my Mustang as I feel it takes away the vintage feel. I don't think anyone was using anything like that in the 70's either. I've been using SOS pads to scrub my...
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    Marti Report

    I would love to hear what others think about their reason to obtain a Marti Report on your 71-73 models. I have been on the fence about this for awhile. With so many so called experts telling the world that the 71-73's models are insignificant what is the point in finding out how rare your car...
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    Greetings from NashVegas

    Although I am technically the 3rd owner of my 73 convertible, the car belonged to a friend of mine that drove it to college and he got the car from his Uncle who bought it new. So I feel like I'm the 2nd owner since it was in the same family for 37 years. After college, my friend put the car...