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  1. J

    Back up lights

    Does anyone know where to get replacement light sockets for the back up lights? My back up lights don't work. and unfortunately they look fine. is there anything that could be traced back to the wiring that I dont know about? my brake lights work fine, turn signals etc. but without the back up...
  2. J

    A knucklehead needs carb advice

    Alright, so I'm finishing up the back end of my mustang, got all the rear wiring done, dome light works, everything works except for the cig lighter and the 2nd click on the windshield wipers.  I'm 17, and know only about body work. What is the best thing to do if I'm replacing the carb? as...
  3. J

    quarter panel patching

    after the 50 mph wind, the car cover collapsed on my car, and now im set back even further , but that has reminded me that i need to keep going with the car. this is my idea.  what do you guys think about cutting it here? i figured since i have the small spectra patch that goes just past...
  4. J

    Questionable Wiring, and vacuum lines.

    I was wondering if anyone had any wiring diagrams for the engine bay of the car (new reader friendly possibly) as my 73 coupe was in an accident (front end) and there isnt much of the engine bay there (its already been repaired before me thats just my prior knowledge of the car) car has...
  5. J

    Best Wheel/Tire size for a coupe

    If I'm buying the 15x7 mags, what bfg radial t/a size should i go with? ive heard that 245/60s fill up the whole car well. does anybody have any rubbing issues with those? i have the original discs in the front and drums in the back.
  6. J

    Preparation for the Rear End

    The mustang has sat long enough, I finally got around to priming the trunk pan, now my final question is: Does anybody have the measurements to the two tabs that are on the bottom side of the trunk pan? my trunk floor was rusted out too badly to get accurate measurements, since the part was...
  7. J

    Starting the floor/Trunk + fuel system rebuild

    Pulled off the gas tank, about to replace the trunk floor. I bought an air cutter, and an air chisel any tips on replacing the tail light panel too? the floor of the trunk drop offs need to come off, how do i find the factory spot welds? This is my first rodeo with body work, im gonna take...
  8. J

    Who does this?

    So the time has come and I ordered the replacement sheet metal for the trunk floor (and a gas tank). just waiting on the weatherstrip for the trunk to start.  Can someone explain to me why someone would do this instead of welding it shut? it looks like it goes all the way down the wheelhouse...
  9. J

    Photo walk around 1973 Mustang Coupe

    This one's definitely in rough shape
  10. J

    Torsion bar questions

    So! I have a 73 coupe, in which im 90% sure someone tried to replicate a grande out of it.  Story of the car, bought in 78 by my grandmother, she passed away in january, I get the car, I get it running and driving, car dies. Now, I'm rebuilding the whole thing, I am 16 so its a big learning...
  11. J


    This is my 73 Coupe, thats been cheated out from proper service before me.