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    piston volume question

    Does anybody know the piston volume increase for the 351C Sealed Power/425P piston? it's a very shallow dish, the Silvolite 1159 is the equivalent piston. Thanks in advance,Scott
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    Ah-Ha, Oh F$$$ Moment

    Going thru a parts drawer the other day i came across a set of hardened exhaust seats for a 2v cleveland, i had to think a minute of where i got them. thats right they came back with my 302c heads from the shop! I had sent them down along with some seals and springs etc. to be installed on the...
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    Hood to cowl weatherstrip

    Can anybody think of a substitute for 3m weatherstrip adhesive? dont feel like ordering any right now,or is this something you can find at the zone? was thinking of useing some gasgavich?
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    Rare E-bay Find

    Found these this morning, 1972 boss 302 Service Repacement Heads still in box. D1ZE-6090-AA you dont see these very often,let alone new. item# 230798400381, starting bid $1.000.00 Listed as "1971 Boss 302 mustang heads" Wish i had a boss block, and not the boss wife.:dodgy:
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    Ford Literature

    A great addition to any collection.
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    Remeber to mark the location of hinges or...

    this is what you may have to do to get the door lookind straight. just what i wanted, another project.
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    GM plans to re-make.....

    I heard on the radio lastnight that GM plans to make a retro Chevelle SS. Must be the popularity of the Dodge Challenger has given them the inspiration for this project. The bigger question is will Ford follow suit and deviate from the pony car and make a retro Torino? Time will tell. maybe I...
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    Door speaker instal

    Couple years back I bought a pair of kick panels with the speaker enclosures. the description said tight fit on left side, i thought to myself no biggie i'll just get some speakers with the smaller neodyne magnets. the other day I figured i better mock these up before i order some speakers. well...
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    Hello from watertown/ft.drum ny

    Hi names scott, Big fan of the 71-73 since i was a kid back in michigan. ive got a 72 mach,351C,60 over,aussie heads,9"3L50 rear, Big fun! also have a 79 F-100, 429. Look forward to shooting the the $hit with ya's. Fordternally,Scott