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    Seat track lever side

    I’m in need of a lever side seat track 1972. 
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    Lokar fmx shifter use

    Has anyone successfully installed a lokar tranny mount shifter on a 71-73 ? I see from research that they are substantially adjustable but not sure if it'll go back far enough for adequate clearance. It may be that a floor mount would be a better option. Thanks for input.
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    7" break booster

    Hey, anyone have a 7" double diaphragm brake booster with bolt pattern to fit 71 with an auto tranny? Thanks fir offers or leads
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    Front fender & hood pot metal trim pieces

    Is anyone else unhappy with the way the front fender & hood trim fit? My hood piece is a heavy 1/4 too narrow and the angle and shape on the fender pieces are different from the fenders. Looking at pics I see some fit better than others. Has anyone directly dealt with this and in some way...
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    A couple of my other builds

    31 model A coupe, 34 ford p/u 2300 mustang 4 banger pumped up to 200 hp 1953 p/u sliced and diced to 2/3 its size chopped 5", narrowed 6" shortened 14" channeled 6" 4 cyl 5 speed. Won at mini truck nats lol . 1950 ford p/u chopped 6", channeled 6", 1948 bed with model A front and rear...
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    71 custom build

    Attempt at fist pic on 71 mustera
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    Custom mustang build

    Hi, I just joined this forum to get either support or opposition to my new 71 mach1 custom build. It's a vision I've had for almost 40 years and have decided to tackle. I'm cutting up a 71 that I consider unworthy of a proper resto. A perfect candidate for what I do best. I restored mustangs...