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    Edelbrock performer vs RPM air gap

    I'm rebuilding a 302 cid out a 1969 Mustang Pony and I'm going to put it in my '73 Sportroof. I put a mild Edelbrock cam (2122) in it and the E-Street heads and I was going to put a Performer intake on it until I started looking at the air gap. I saw a video on u-tube comparing the two intakes...
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    Powerfire Distributor

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has installed a Powerfire distributor by Professional Products. The make them for 351 and 302 and look great. They have an external knob so you can advance or retard the timing on the fly. They look good and I'm thinking of installing one on my 302 while I'm...
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    Nice to find a site for 71-73

    Just found this site. Nice to see others who appreciate the 71s-73s. Sick of hearing them put down. I have a 73 sportsroof that I bought in August. It's a 3 speed with a 250 inline 6. I'm rebuilding the 302 out of my '69 coupe to put in her. One thing about the 71-73s. They're big cars and...