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    Integrated Strut Arms for 71-73 Mustang

    I now have Integrated Strut Arms for 71-73 Mustang (fits 67-73 Mustangs and a bunch more Ford and Mercury vehicles).  They combine the lower control arm and strut rod into one heavy duty high performance and fully adjustable product.  I built a 65-66 Mustang version last year and have finally...
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    Combined Strut rod and LCA units - road test success

    I built a prototype "Strut Arm" a while back as some of you may know. Got around to building a second prototype Strut Arm and installed the prototypes on the '65. Here is a link to a write up with pics. So far they have worked out very well. I know its a '65 and not a '71-'73, but when I get...
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    spherical spring perches

    I got asked by a customer about roller spring perches of which I had to respond that I don't currently make them. His gripe about existing roller perches is that they make the car sit up higher in the front. Cobra Automotive makes a nice set of bushed spring perches using oil impregnated bronze...
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    New Item - Strut Rod and LCA in one

    The following link goes to a blog post I made on our website today. I've finally completed a prototype of combined LCA and strut rod. I'm struggling with the name so if you have suggestions i'd like to hear about it. It's been about 9 months since I first thought about this product. I vacillated...
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    Adjustable Lower Controls Arms now available

    Pacific Thunder Performance Engineering now offers Adjustable Lower Control Arms for your 1970-1977 Maverick or Comet. We have taken new Moog LCAs and replaced the small end with a teflon lined self-lubricating high strength rod end. We also boxed the bottom of the LCA for added strength...
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    Adjustable Strut Rods and DIY Kits

    We have reasonably priced complete adjustable strut rods and new for 2016 we have DIY adjustable strut rod kits for those who want a cost effective DIY kit where you can modify you old strut rods and we supply everything else. Complete instructions are provided. We are replenishing stock and...