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    Biggg wheels

    Hi, restoring a 73 mach 1 and thinking of going big wheels, pro touring style and looking to pick up on some info and ideas, much like this. Any ideas thrown my way is much appreciated. image of a safe
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    5 speed conversion ?

    Hello all. I have it in mind to convert my 72 Mach1 302ci 3 speed top loader to a 5 speed and have seen this advert over here in the UK. Will this trans fit my car ? "Borg Warner 5 spd (Tremec T5) manual gearbox very soon if anyone is interested.. Its virtually brand new, as its only covered...
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    Front sits too high

    Hi, I have renewed all the suspension on my 302 Mach1. Nearly all the parts are back on the car, all except the front screen and finishing the interior. However the car still looks high on the front end. You can see by the pic how high it is sitting. Will this settle given time or will I have...
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    302 heads and valve springs.

    Hello, I'm thinking of bidding on these heads. Does anyone know if they will fit on my 72 mach1's 2V 302. The problem is I have stripped my engine down and can not get hold of any valve springs for my heads, I am told 72 302 valve springs are hard to get hold off or obsolete, so it might be...
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    Wedges on UK ebay

    First one looks a tidy car. Another convertible. A small story attached to this car - note the unusual hood. I had this hood made up when I restored my first fast...
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    Another Barn/warehouse find in the UK.

    Here's another 71-73 turned up from storage in the UK. Looks faded but from a distance it doesn't look too bad structurely. This one's been dry stored for the last 20 years and alegedly has 43,000 miles on the clock. Mine was found last year after being stored away for 23 years with 57,000...
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    E mail and PM's

    I notice there are two mailing facilities on this site -Email a user and PM a user. I take it the email goes straight through to your email address via this site? Had another user said he emailed me, however I didn't recieve one. Just tried emailing myself through this site twice and nothing...
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    71-73 colour combinations.

    Hello all, Looking around the net throws up all sorts of 71-73 paintjobs wich got me wondering what were the original combinations? For example, I thought Med Blue only came with Silver hockey stripes and Hood/spoiler combo. But have recently seen Med Blue with Black combo which also looks...
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    Dash Switches and related parts.

    I'm having trouble locating switches, knobs and related parts for lights and wipers etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this sort of stuff. TIA
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    Head light switch rod

    Hi, I am in the middle of a two week holiday and am 'hold up' in the garage preparing the Mach1 for a new coat of paint. Luckily the company who are handling the respray allow me to go into their garage/workshop and work on my car. I'm handling all the stripping out of interior exterior, engine...
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    I've been busy stripping the body and taking out the glass ready for all the bodywork preperation for painting. The good news is - rust is just limited to the surface. The bad news is - I peeped in through the top of the dash at the wiring and it looks like it's taken a hammering in its early...
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    Help needed to locate a gearbox part.

    I need to locate a top inspection cover for a 3 speed gearbox for my 72. Can't find anything on the net. Does anyone know where I can locate one? TIA
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    Found this sad but funny.

    A 72 Mach1 allegedly found in a field in England having stood for 30 years. Sad because of how bad it is, but funny when you watch the owner salvaging the engine and starting it on the garage floor - check out the video further down the advert...
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    Hello from the UK

    First got into muscle cars when my father took me to pictures in '68. No guessing what film it was and what hilly City it was set in :) In my early fifties, I've been into muscle cars ever since, not even exotics could make me stray. Cars need presence and character and muscle cars certainly...