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    LED Dash Lights

    I purchased and installed the LED dash light kit from The kit was comprehensive and included a clear instructions sheet. It really woke up my dash - bulbs are included for the blinkers and high beam horse as well. It seems pricey at about $70, but you don't have to piece it...
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    Engine Detail

    I had to replace the valve stem seals on my '72 convertible and took the opportunity to clean and detail everything under the hood. It was pretty much original, so 47 years of road grime and grease made for some dirty work, but well worth the effort. Found a weak plug wire and I was also able to...
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    Valve Guide Seals

    I was replacing the valve cover gaskets on my '72 351 and found several chunks of rock hard valve guide seals in the heads. Never tried to replace seals with the heads still on the car, but with compressed air in the cylinders and a spring compressor the job was not too bad. Most of the seals...
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    Distributor frozen

    Did a search a few different ways, but came up empty. Trying to adjust my timing and I found my distributor is frozen (351C) - will not turn at all. Started the soaking process and saw lots of Google results on the topic, but most end up with the distributor destroyed. My car has A/C as well...
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    Engine Numbers / VIN

    I saw some old threads on this topic, but thought this was interesting. I was able to get a picture of the stamping on the back of the 351 in my '72 convertible. The numbers in my VIN are 222483. The number on the block is 222348. I figure the guy had the right numbers and just transposed them...
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    New Member

    Just purchased a '72 convertible - light pewter with a black interior. 351, A/C, decor group. Original/driver quality with a respray in 2004. Per Marti, there were 202 with this paint/trim combo. Just started working on some TLC projects, but enjoying driving it in the meantime. I had a '73...