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    hub caps

    Hey Folks, been trying to find this type of centre or hubcaps for a while now but didn't have any luck so far. Does anyone maybe know a name, or a place where to get them? They look like the centre caps for rallywheels, but have the Mustang emblem on them.' Thanks for the help
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    Exhaust for 73 Mustang 302

    Hi all Since I am still pretty new to the scene, I wondered if anybody can recommend a good dual exhaust system for the 302 engine. I Still got the single oem installed. I want to get that nice rumbling v8 sound that I am so addicted too. The oem exhaust fails in that aspect Thanks for the help
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    New here

    Hi all Just gave myself a graduation present in the form of a 1973 mustang coupe 302 I have lots of plans for the car and excited to join the community. I apologise already in advance for all the questions I got