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    door handle restoration

    Does anyone know how to restore the frosted look on the exterior door handles.  Mine are worn off.
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    AC Delco starter

    AC Delco, re manufactured, starter part no. 336-1789,  brand new never used.  $40 plush shipping
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    Competition Engineering drag shocks

    Competition Engineering drag shocks part no. C2740, brand new, never used.  $75  plus shipping
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    energy suspension sway bar bushings

    I have Energy Suspension sway bar bushings for sale.  New never used. 3/4" greasable, polyurethane, sway bar bushing set in red  part no. 9.516R   $15.00 plus $7 shipping Sway bar end link set part no. 9.812R     $15.00 plus $7 shipping. I'll combine shipping if you buy both
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    429 ram air decal or paint

    What would be factory correct for the "429 ram air" on the hood, decal or paint?  I see Graphic express sells the decal as well as a stencil.
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    429 engine mount

    I read on the 429 Mustang and Cougar Mega site that the engine bracket that mounts to the frame is a little bit taller then one for a 351c, but they don't list any dimensions.  Form the picture it looks to be about a 1/2" or 3/4" difference.  It states "The top surface of the 351 frame mount is...
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    progressive springs

    Anyone try the progress coil springs? I have a big block and am thinking about it?
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    wiring harness routing pictures

    I dismantled my car and didn't take pictures before hand. I am installing the wiring harness in the engine compartment and I need help. Can some post pictures of how the wires get routed through the radiator support and head light buckets for the sport lights, side marker lights and lower...
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    bumper reinforcement panel color

    What is the factory color of the bumper reinforcement panel? (This is the panel that sits above the bumper) Body color or engine compartment color?
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    who makes the best weatherstriping

    Who has the best repo weather stripping out there? I need to replace all of mine. trunk, doors, windows. I hear Steel Rubber has a good reputation. I see NPD has theirs marked as "Concourse Quality". California Mustang lists theirs as "Premium". CJ's does say anything as to quality. NOS is...
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    71 Mach 1 non strip body trim molding

    Wanting to buy the thin chrome trim that runs along the lower break in the door, quarter panel and fender for a 1971 Mach 1. My car came as a non side strip Mach 1, as such it had the chrome trim along the lower part.
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    429 scj engine wanted

    I recently purchased a 1971 Mustang 429scj that is missing its original engine and C-6 transmission. I am looking to restore it. Anyone know of an engine and C-6 transmission for sale?
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    rebuilt tilt steering column

    I am looking for someone to rebuilt my tilt steering column. any suggestions?
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    Lizard Skin or Dynamat

    I am getting ready to insulate my interior. What is the best approach, Dynamat or Lizard Skin?
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    rear fold down interior trim

    I have a 71 Mach 1 with the fold down rear seat and the previous owner cut speaker holes in the plastic trim that separates the rear seats and trunk. I would like to restore the car. I am in the market for replacements that are not cut. It is a black interior.